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This lesson explains the role of organizing as a function of management as well as ..
The Office of the General Counsel is under the supervision of the General Counsel, who serves as principal adviser to the Secretary on all legal matters affecting Departmental programs and activities. The Office has three legal practice areas, each of which is headed by a Deputy General Counsel, and an operations management staff, headed by an Executive Officer. The Office's seven Divisions are organized under these areas as follows:

It is the function of manning the organization ..

in an orderly integration of education and society "School management, ..
Most events would attract large number of people and coverage from the media, and professionals who are responsible for planning and managing these events and functions have to plan and manage with care.

Due to the complexity of this subject, a comprehensive PR certificate course would be necessary to provide training for the executives, public relations personnel in this area and those who are engaged in the planning and management of events and functions.

The PR course aims at providing the fundamental knowledge in planning for events and functions, the application of resources in the ongoing management of these activities and the role of the supporting industries.



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