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"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" presents a challenge of conscience for anyone who chooses to live in Omelas.

Some of the best salespeople I know when to get up and walk out.

I’d then at least feel like I accomplished something here.

In exchange for their ultimate happiness and success, is one child’s misery.
Along the way, we saw some holes dug by a Komodo Dragon mum. She digs about 5-6 holes to confuse predators (usually fellow Komodo Dragons) as to which hole the eggs really are.

It was dark and it was cold and I needed to get home and quickly.

A few people leave the city when they find out about the child, but most people stay....
Unlike Bali, Flores is very different when it comes to independent travel. In Bali, you can probably land without any agenda and just walk in any hotel and you are good. In Flores, a town with a total of 2 traffic lights, it’s a different ballgame and you do need abit of preparation.


The patient lives in a two-level home with his wife and daughter.

In first section: Omelas is a utopian city where the people live happily.
Throughout the movie, the viewer is led through the many adversities Mandela has to combat in order to eventually become South Africa’s first Black president.

A child is being held prisoner in a small, dark basement room in Omelas.
Le Guin’s unrelenting pursuit of making the reader imagine a rich, happy and festival abundant society mushrooms and ultimately climaxes with the introduction of the outlet for all of Omelas’ avoided misfortune....

I do have a moment where I turned to him but it isn't big and grand.

In her story, Le Guin creates a model Utilitarian society in which the majority of its citizens are devoid of suffering; allowing them to become an expressive, artistic population.

Birds become unyielding nature of the mysterious emblem.

Me and my group have some general knowledge behind the C-Walk, and because of it’s interesting history, we decided to choose that as our style of dance to research on....

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When Landon Carter finally accepts his feelings for Jamie, who has helped him become a better person in more ways that either of them know of, he reaches the pinnacle of his transformation from a troubled and resentful teenager into a respectful and selfless young man.

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I had had the strangest feeling all day that I was being followed, and due to past experiences I knew that these strange feelings often resulted in something much more.

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People have come from all over the world to visit the historical landmark, creating an exciting atmosphere for first-comers but it has some downside at the Walk of Fame....

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Writers seek for life as dogs for water; they take men and women of all kind as the one and only fountain of inspiration in which they bathe so as to write another work.