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19/07/2015 · HSE's Energy Division (ED) is responsible for the offshore oil and gas industry

Offshore Directive - the safety of offshore oil and gas operations

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That is expected to also include Pacific waters off the U.S. West Coast, despite opposition from lawmakers for California, Oregon and . The government last sold oil leases off the coast of California decades ago, and there has been opposition to offshore drilling in the region since a 1969 oil spill near .

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Council Directive 85/337/EEC on the Assessment of the Effects of Certain Public and Private Projects on the Environment (the “1985 Directive”), as amended by Council Directive 97/11/EC, Directive 2003/35/EC and Directive 2009/31/EC, requires environmental assessments to be carried out for certain types of project, including offshore oil and gas activities, throughout the European Union.


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The Interior Department’s draft is only an opening bid -- and the plan could change after public meetings and required environmental reviews. Nonetheless, it will illustrate the Trump administration’s interest in giving the oil industry new places to drill offshore, well beyond the Gulf of Mexico that has been developed for decades.

While most U.S. waters are technically open for oil and gas development, the activity can only take place on leases sold under the government’s five-year plan. The coming draft proposal is an initial milestone in the Trump administration’s creation of a new plan for selling offshore oil and gas leases from 2019 to 2024, designed to replace an Obama-era program that runs through 2022.

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Where the oil or gas developer and the offshore renewables developer are unable to reach a commercial agreement on compensation and the determination of the lease or agreement for lease is necessary for the oil or gas development to go ahead, the oil or gas developer can make an application to the Secretary of State to appoint an independent valuer to assess the appropriate level of compensation. Guidance on the procedure is available below.

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Article 2 of the Energy Act 2008 (Consequential Modifications) (Offshore Environmental Protection) Order 2010 (the “2010 Order”) which applied the provisions to offshore combustible gas and carbon dioxide unloading and storage operations (in addition to oil and gas production activities).

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Environmental regulations and guidance on offshore oil and gas exploration and production, offshore gas unloading and storage and offshore carbon dioxide storage activities

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Like Trump’s Interior Department, the Obama administration also initially considered selling oil and gas leases in the Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans in a draft version of its 2017-2022 offshore oil plan. But that administration ultimately jettisoned the idea and Obama went even further in December 2016 by indefinitely more than 100 million acres of the U.S. Arctic from future oil and gas leasing.

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To carry out its responsibilities, BSEE regulates offshore oil and gas operations to enhance the safety of offshore exploration and development of oil and gas on the OCS and to ensure that those operations protect the environment and implement advancements in technology. BSEE also conducts onsite inspections to assure compliance with regulations, lease terms, and approved plans. Detailed information concerning BSEE's regulations and guidance to the offshore oil and gas industry may be found on BSEE's website at: .