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Then O'Connor moves on to include the violent aspect by bringing the Misfit into the story.

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And through their interactions, O’Connor is able to convey their misguided dispositions.
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O'Connor's obvious displeasure with society at the time has often been attributed to her Catholic religion, her studies in the social science field, and the fact that the celebrated lifestyles of the elite southern whites were "Gone with the Wind." Evidence of society's "demise" is woven into the story, and presented through an interesting generation gap....

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By doing this, O'Connor states her point to the submissive factor of women in comparison to the men.
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Some are a little better or a little worse, but all are activated more by misunderstanding than malice." He like, Flannery O'Connor, the author of the short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find", was a Southern Gothic writer who used writing to demonstrate the destruction and hypocrisy of the old south principles and standards.


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The Misfit in Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard to Find I feel that the Grandmother in the story 'A Good Man is Hard to Find' suffers from psychological conditions.
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In a brief write up on Flannery O’Connor, it says “O’Connor is a moralist, she focuses an uncompromising moral eye on the violence and spiritual disorder of the world.” By knowing this about the author O’Connor we can look deeper into this story and find morals of two characters as the th...

Character Analysis Between Oconnors Misfit And Oates Friend English Literature Essay
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