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Neil Postman wrote the book, “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” It was both timely and timeless as his wisdom proves valuable still today.

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Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death" was published in 1985. As his son, Andrew, notes in the introduction, the book's publication came at a time before the world was "infiltrated by the Interent, cell phones, PDAs, cable channels by the hundreds,DVDs, call-waiting, caller ID, blogs, flat screens, HDTVs, and iPods." He doesn't mention email, gaming, or satellite radio. The rate of techology change is increasing geometrically. It's hard to keep up and adapt.

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Hi! I'm a student from Germany. Well the thing is, I have to write an essay about Neil Postman's 'Amusing ourselves to death' on his TV-critism and I was wondering if you could help me out with some points, because I'm afraid that I don't get everything right! It would be REALLY nice! Thank you very very much!


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‘Amusing Ourselves To Death’- the masterpiece of Neil Postman was penned down in 1985
I have to read the book "Amusing Ourselves to Death" for a Cummunications and Human Values class and i am having trouble understanding the main points. could you please e-mail me a quick summary of the chapters to make sure I got everything I was supposed to out of this book. I'd appreciate it greatly

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For the people who are posting with pleas and cries for help on the papers and tests they have to complete, why not just cite your own words, as they pretty much some up the consequences of what Postman is talking about it Amusing Ourselves to Death.