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Feb 21, 2018 · Jazz might just save my life….looking forward

Jazz Public Radio from the Jazz Capital of the World, New York City.

Listener Supported Public Radio Jazz in Atlanta for 40 Years

Submitted by Terry Leet: I have a bit of perspective that might help us all
Heather Keizur who was raised in BC, "is a wonderfully talented jazz singer. She is very mindful of the lyrics, making them sound like her own personal story, tinged with a bit of sadness, or love, then dipped in a little French au jus for a hint of European style. It's kind of a dreamy feeling." says Michael Elliot, Hollywood composer.

My nightstand - your guide to sensual art

Wakefield Jazz is still West Yorkshire's favourite regular Friday night
My night, too, is reaching its apex. I dance my way down to the DJ stage, and join in the hand-waving, water-throwing action, adding a few more locals to my ever-expanding fan club. Everyone titters and claps at my moves. I’m not only having fun, I’m a part of it.


Fingerstyle TAB & MIDI Collection - Page 5

MIDI & Tablature collection of Fingerstyle Guitar. Music and Tablature from Yves Keroas
Along the waterfront, things are starting to look significantly sexier. A number of young Panamanians are setting up stalls. Most sell $1 cans of beer out of huge ice-filled plastic vats (US dollars are common currency in Panama). Some have swirls of chorizo sausage cooking on small braziers. Many vendors are wearing lycra… or, more accurately, the girls they put out front to attract customers are wearing lycra, and so much taut fabric stretched over bulging flesh makes the already balmy nighttime air feel a few degrees hotter.