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You bring order out of confusion, and my defeats are Your victories: The Lord God omnipotent reigneth.

Two Poems by Faith Arkorful | The Puritan

How Important Are Emotions in My Faith Experience?

He foundsalvation and personal faith in God whilst serving in the Puritan Army.
XXV. This sin, called the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, is thesin of no one that believeth Jesus to be the Christ, nor of anythat fear it, no, nor of every infidel, but only of some few obstinate,unbelieving enemies, for it is only this: when men seesuch miracles of Christ and his Spirit as should or could convincethem that he is of God, and when they have no other shift, theywill rather maintain that he is a conjurer, and wrought them bythe devil.

How Important Are Emotions in My Faith Experience

XXVIII. When Christ for our sins was in his agony, and when hecried out, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"he was then nevertheless beloved of his Father; and he was temptedthat he might succour them that are tempted, and suffered suchderision that he might be a compassionate High Priest to sufferers.


We might ask the question, “Which is more important to my faith, ..

XXII. Bare examining is not always to be done for assurance, butlabour to excite and exercise much the grace that you would beassured of; the way to be sure that you believe and love God,is to study the promises and goodness of God, till active faithassure you that you believe, and you love God and glory, tillyou are assured that you love them.

XIX. But God's love and promise through Christ so sure a groundfor faith and comfort, that it is the great duty and interestof all men, confidently and quietly, to trust him, and then tolive in the joy of holy trust and hope.

Saving Faith Differs From Common Faith | A Puritan's …

IX. Remember that all men on earth are ignorant, and know butas in a glass, and in part, and therefore the best have many errors;no man knoweth the smallest grass or worm with an adequate perfectknowledge. And if God bear with multitudes of errors in us all,we must bear with such as are tolerable in each other; it is wellif men be humble, and teachable, and willing to know. As we haveseen few more imperfect than the sects that have asserted sinlessperfection, so we see few so fallible and erroneous as the Romansect, which pleadeth their infallibility: when they tell you thatyou must believe their popes and councils, that you may come toan end of controversy, ask them whether we may here hope for anyend of ignorance, error, and sin; if not, what hope of endingall controversies before we come to heaven, where ignorance isended? The controversies against the essentials of Christianitywere ended with us all when we became true and adult Christians,and the rest will be lessened as we grow in knowledge. Divinityis not less mysterious than law and science, &c. where controversiesabound.

Faith - Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings

VIII. Faithfully serve Christ as far as you have attained, andbe true to all the truth that you know; sin not by omission orpractice against the knowledge which you have, lest God in justicegive up your understanding to believe a lie.

How I Lost My Faith at a Boot Camp for Christian Kids

But here take heed of sophisters' deceit; though nothing is necessaryto salvation but all sound Christians have still believed, yetall is not necessary, or true, or good, which all good Christianshave believed or done; much less all which the tempted worse parthave held: for though the essence of Christianity has been everand every where the same, yet the opinions of Christians, andtheir mistakes and faults, have been none of their imitable faithor practice. Human nature is essentially the same in Adam, andin all men, but the diseases of nature are another thing. If allmen have sin and error, so have all churches; their Christianityis of God, but the corruptions and maladies of Christians arenot. You must hold nothing but what Christians of old have heldas received from God's word; but because they have all some faultsand errors, you must not hold and do all those.