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She’s now lent her name to two literary prizes, but until recently I’d never read Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin’s famous novel My Brilliant Career. The reason I’d avoided it for so long was that its worthiness made it seem leaden. I expected it to be long-winded, boring, full of clichéd outback colonialism.

of the novel My Brilliant Career.

My Brilliant Career was published in 1901, at the height of the chauvinistic Australian nationalist movement championed by The Bulletin magazine. This was the heyday of the idealised Aussie bushman of Banjo Patterson, Norman Lindsay and Henry Lawson. To give these stoic, sardonic heroes a struggle by which to define themselves, their bush surroundings are described as inhospitably harsh and arid. It’s a tradition I find deeply dreary, not to mention repellently racist and sexist.


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My critical assessment of Miles Franklin’s famous coming-of-age novel My Brilliant Career appeared in Readings Monthly in June 2013.

Like Jane Eyre, My Brilliant Career is a powerfully interior coming-of-age novel, driven by Sybylla’s inner desires and torments. Her capacity for emotion makes her an appealing heroine, but she’s doomed to be misinterpreted by others as cynical, uncaring and ungrateful: “Did my mother understand me, she would know that I am capable of more depths of agony and more exquisite heights of joy in one day than Gertie will experience in her whole life.”

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To clarify meanings and to give form and balance to its fictional world, My Brilliant Career, like many other novels, is shaped around comparisons and contrasts. Some reflect the economic harshness of the times Miles Franklin lived in such as:

Miles Franklin had completed her first novel, My Brilliant Career

My Brilliant Career similarly subverts the reader’s expectations… more than a century earlier! It surprised me that it seemed to satirise a Jane Austen comedy of manners.

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Completed in 1899 and rejected by local publishers, My Brilliant Career was finally published by Blackwood in Edinburgh in 1901, the year of Australian Federation. The novel has enjoyed a solid readership in Australia and now is firmly established in the Australian lit

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In her preface to My Brilliant Career Miles Franklin asserts that ‘This is not a romance – I have too often faced the music of life to the tune of hardship to waste time in snivelling and gushing over fancies and dreams’. Classroom discussion focuses on questions of:

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The male/female binary opposition is often the source for a feminist reading of a text. While My Brilliant Career is an overtly feminist treatise, the introductory chapters on Sybylla’s father connect her to him in having aspirations beyond their status and show that this struggle to overcome expectations is not just a female one.