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Millennium Academy of Irish Dance & Music . Welcome to Millennium Academy of Irish Dance & Music, central Ohio's premier school of Irish dance and music.

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Welcome to Millennium Academy of Irish Dance & Music, central Ohio's premier school of Irish dance and music. We offer Beginner through Championship level Irish dance classes and music lessons for children to adults, in both our Columbus and Granville studios. We recommend dancers be at least 5 years old, but some may be ready to begin dance at 4 years, depending upon coordination and attention span.

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We are also home of Millennium Irish Dance Company, a modern Irish dance company offering unique arrangements of traditional Irish Step Dancing and choreography. Contact us for booking information.


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"If one is to believe the historians of the seventeenth century, stage directors did not yet exist. What a fortunate age! One could attend an opera without having to close one's eyes. One could take delight in it, listen to it and watch it at the same time, without feeling welling up within oneself, scene by scene, crescendo, rinforzando, that dull anger which is very bad for one's peace of mind." Philippe Beaussant (La Monde de la Musique, April 2005), English translation in "Vivaldi in Scena: Thoughts on the Revival of Vivaldi's Operas" by Frédéric Delaméa in Vivaldi, Motezuma and the Opera Seria, Michael Talbot (ed.) at 171-2 (Brepols 2008).

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Our mission is to develop the self-esteem, confidence, and Irish dance and music skills of each child in a positive, nurturing environment where all of our students can reach their full potential. We strive to instill a sense of unity and friendship among our students and their families through a variety of Irish cultural events and opportunities at Millennium Academy of Irish Dance & Music.

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