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Uncomfortable facts about Christianity: appalling history, doubtful origins, unreliable authorities, flawed philosophy, discredited arguments, deceptions and forgeries

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Christianity recognises the existence of the higher classes of Intelligences under the general name of Angels, and teaches that they are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister",[Heb., i, 14] but what is their ministry what the nature of their work, what their relationship to human beings, all that was part of the instruction given in the Lesser Mysteries, as the actual communication with them was enjoyed in the Greater, but in modern days these truths have sunk into the background, except the little that is taught in the Greek and Roman communions.

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The failure to mention this is certainly consistent with the preference of Classicists for paganism, not Christianity, and for ancient religion, not Mediaeval or Modern religion; but it contradicts even the conventional certainty that the Empire fell in 476.


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The very name of "The Mysteries of Jesus", so familiar in the ears of the Christians of the first centuries, would come with a shock of surprise on those of their modern successors, and, if spoken as denoting a special and definite institution in the Early [Page 2] Church, would cause a smile of incredulity.

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And many another mystic was there, "of whom the world was not worthy", like the wholly delightful and wise Mother Juliana of Norwich, of the fourteenth century, jewels of Christendom, too little known, but justifying Christianity to the world.

Yet, as we salute reverently these Children of the Light, scattered over the centuries, we are forced to recognise in them the absence of that union of acute intellect and high devotion which were welded together by the training of the Mysteries, and while we marvel that they soared so high, we cannot but wish that their rare gifts had been developed under that magnificent

Alphonse Louis Constant, better known under his pseudonym, Eliphas Levi, has put rather well the loss of the Mysteries, and the need for their re-institution.

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Three days later the Cardinals sent and summonedRABBAN SAWMA totheir presence. And when he went to them they began to ask himquestions, saying, "What is thy quarter of the world, and why has thoucome?"And he replied in the selfsame words he had already spoden tothem (57). And they said unto him, "Where doth the Catholixus live? Andwhich of the Apostles taught the Gospel in thy quarter of the world?"And he answered them, saying, "MAR THOMAS, and MAR ADDAI, and MAR MARItaught the Gospel in our quarter of the world, and we hold at thepresent time the canons [or statutes] which they delivered unto us."TheCardinals said unto him, "Where is the Throne of the Catholicus?"Hesaid to them, "In BAGHDAD."They answered, What position hast thouthere?"And he replied, "am a deacon in the Cell of the Catholicus, andthe director of the disciples, and the Visitor-General."The Cardinalssaid, " It is a marvellous thing that thou who art a Christian, and adeacon of the Throne of the Patriarch of the East has come upon anembassy from the king of the Mongols."And RABBAN SAWMA said unto them,"Know ye, O our Fathers, that many of our Fathers have gone into thecountries of the Mongols, and Turks, and Chinese and have taught themthe Gospel, and at the present time there are many Mongols who areChristians. For many of the sons of the Mongol kings and queens (58)have been baptized and confess Christ. And they have establishedchurches in their military camps, and they pay honour to theChristians, and there are among them many who are believers. Now theking [of the Mongols], who is joined in the bond of friendship with theCatholicus, hath the desire to take PALESTINE, and the countries ofSYRIA, and he demandeth from you help in order to take JERUSALEM. Hehath chosen me and hath sent me to you because, being a Christian, myword will be believed by you. "And the Cardinals said unto him, "Whatis thy confession of faith? To what 'way' art thou attached? Is it thatwhich Mar Papa holdeth to-day or some other one?"RABBAN SAWMA replied,"No man hath come to us Orientals from the Pope. The holy Apostle whosenames I have mentioned taught us the Gospel, and to what they deliveredunto us we have clung to the present day." The Cardinals said unto him,"How dost thou believe? Recite thy belief, article by article."RABBANSAWMA replied to them, saying:--

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Recognising then in Jesus the great Master of the West, the leading Messenger of the Lodge to the western world, we must face the difficulty which has made havoc of this belief in the minds of many: Why are the festivals that commemorate events in the life of Jesus found in pre-Christian religions, and in them commemorate identical events in the lives of other Teachers ?

Comparative Mythology, which has drawn public attention to this question in modern times, may be said to be about a century old, dating from the appearance of Dulaure's , of Dupuis' , of Moor's , and of Godfrey Higgins' s.