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2014. "Women Smile More than Men, but Differences Disappear When They Are in the Same Role, Yale Researcher Finds." Yale News.

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He has created a false public sentiment, by giving to the world a different code of morals for men and women, by which moral delinquencies which exclude women from society, are not only tolerated but deemed of little account in man.

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The results of the tag question study can be interpreted in several different ways. One view would be that Lakoff's general orientation is confirmed, even though she was wrong about the facts: affective tags are used by people who feel that they are in control of a conversation; the greater use of tag questions overall by men in the SEU data means that the men in those conversations felt more powerful. Another interpretation of such data has been that women's higher proportion of affective tags, which are used to manage the flow of conversation, means that women are saddled with a higher proportion of "interactional shitwork."


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The common ancestor you share with individuals of different surnames on the Y-DNA line may be many, many generations back in your family tree, prior to the establishment of hereditary surnames. This is the most likely reason for populations where a surname that passes down unchanged from generation to generation was often not adopted until a century or two ago, such as Scandinavian and Jewish populations

While there may be no such thing as “male” or “female” writing, to say that the emphases of male and female writers might sometimes be different doesn’t mean that the deepest concerns or preoccupations of women are inferior or any less essential.

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She just uses what she has to
get what -- or who -- she wants."
-Perry 2
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What is Body Language?
Body language is: movements or positions of the body that express a person's thoughts or feelings
In Conclusion...
Men and Women are different in many ways, from flirting to emotional states, with body language being no exception.