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New Section: Medieval Polearms - I have a very complete and extensive section on the Medieval Polearm including drawings of many of the different types from Halberds to Lucerne Hammers and Pikes.


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Welcome to our selection of medieval swords... the blades of medieval Europe (approximately 500 to 1500 AD) evolved from steel Celtic swords, which in turn arose from a tradition of straight, double-edged swords which began with bronze swords as early as 1,500 BC. At the opening of the Middle Ages these medieval swords tended to have blades just under a yard in length with a grip designed to accommodate a single hand; the other hand being concerned with the grip of a shield. Essentially all of the earliest medieval swords and many throughout the period were designed to cut, having surprisingly thin blades, especially towards the tip, which was often rounded. By the close of the Middle Ages, swords increasingly are stouter and more sharply pointed, being optimized for the thrust, the cut having been rendered less effective by improvements in armor. Similarly, with these armor improvements, the shield became redundant and medieval swords with hilts effectively accommodating both hands make their appearance and grow in popularity.

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Looking for information about medieval weapons and Armor? Medieval Weapons have a very long history. They have changed and evolved over centuries of life of death hand to hand fighting. The Armory has pictures and information about many of these weapons.

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Dragon Crossbow Ever Consider making your own medieval weapon? I mean something really professional and functional? How about a crossbow? A Web visitor has done exactly this and runs a workshop on how to make crossbows. And wow, these things are really gorgeous. This crossbow has a dragon carving in it.

An article about some unique and unusual medieval weapons.

The Middle Ages saw a trememdous development in many types of weapons. Some of these weapons are still in use today but some of the more unique ones, because of their very specific applications, are no longer seen. Yet they remain as a testament to the nature of the medieval battlefield.

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Welcome to our medieval weapons for sale. Here we will offer a selection of weapons from the medieval time periods such as flails, clubs, warhammers, the mace, daggers, and any other weapons from that period in history. You may also want to see our selection for more weapons to add to your collection.

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Medieval Knights had to use different weapons for different tasks. If they were engaged in ground combat, they needed one set of tools and if they were on their horses charging toward an opposing knight or enemy, then they would need an entirely different weapon. Each weapon had a specific purpose. Different stages or phases of battle required different weapons. So knights needed an arsenal of weapons. As one example, when knights are engaged in combat on the ground, they typically made use of the poleax. The poleax was so lethal, in fact, that even body armor was not enough protection. The poleax could slice right through the body armor and penetrate flesh. With its wooden handle and heavy metal head, the knight’s mace could fell an enemy knight from his horseback. With its protruding metal edges, a flanged mace would allow the knight to dent or even penetrate an enemy knight’s armor.