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May 27, 2014 · Here's some thoughts I had recently about how I view shamanism: Shamanism has been defined many different ways over the years. In …

It creates the wonderful phenemena of shamanism.

LeSlie Dwyer and Degung Santikarma, ‘Speaking from the ..

May 27, 2014 · Thoughts on defining shamanism: an ‘active belief system ..
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A more demanding definition would be to insist on the explicit application of sociological theory, for example employing Durkheimian concepts of solidarity, or Marxian concepts of class or alienation in the analysis of the social factors affecting happiness.

LeSlie Dwyer and Degung Santikarma, ..

Feb 06, 2008 · Gestalt Approaches to the Virtual Gesamtkunstwerk
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For example, simple survey research on social aspects of work satisfaction would exemplify the most modest variety of happiness sociology, since it would involve exploring positive subjectivity with reference to sociocultural context.


This is a psychological eqivilent of belief in the afterlife, ..

Feb 05, 2016 · The Death of God: Inner struggles of an Atheist
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However, within the first few lines the text mentions poverty, crime, moral panics, deviance, and anti-social behaviour as indicative examples of the social phenemena attended to.

Positive Sociology and Appreciative Empathy: History …
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In other words, to appreciate how social processes and individual minds interact, sociologists and psychologists alike require phenomenological approaches that use empathy to try to get as close as we can to understanding how reality is experienced from various perspectives.

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Indeed, ironically the birth and growth of contemporary happiness studies has coincided with a time when abstract phenomenologists and postmodernists (particularly those of an ivory-tower intellectualist persuasion) have been proudly declaring a new era of 'post-individualism' or 'post-subjectivity' (; ) or even 'postemotional culture' (; ).

main cause is psychological or …

Internalism - recognition of the reality and importance of phenomenal consciousness, and taking a systematic, both introspective and other-directed empathic interest the self and in 'first-person' experience - has long been one of the key themes of modernity, but oddly has not always been recognized as a necessarily central aspect of the study of social and mental realities (; ; ).

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Yet as one phenomenological sociologist argued, 'the phenomenological approach is not psychologistic,' and in any case 'in real life, the psychological and the social are inseparable' (:3).

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Yet the analysis of people's experiences and life evaluations is so rare in both disciplines that this approach has to be specified as something like 'the anthropology of experience' or 'phenomenological sociology' or 'positive sociology', as if these were specialist sub-disciplines or quirkily innovative approaches.

between phenemena sensed by different sensory modalities.

If modern society has promoted alienation or anomie, for example, these concepts also imply that the source of harm is not society itself but the loss of traditional meanings and attachments, and the consequent disengagement of the individual from society.