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The Influence of Mass Media.: Political influence extends far beyond newspaper reports or television programs connected with current affairs.

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The amount of time the average American family watches TV makes it the most dominant information source.
Not only does television help shape public opinion by providing news and analysis, but its entertainment programming addresses important contemporary issues that are in the political area, such as drug use, abortion, crime and social issues, that can influence people's opinions.
The growth of the Internet is also significant; not only do essentially all-news outlets have their own Web sites, but online bloggers present a broad range of political opinion, information, and analysis.
The media reinforces values instilled by other socialization agents.
Youth exposure to mass media leads to political discussions.

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Since the mid-1970s, both national radio stations have broadcast popular
The mass media has an influence, which is unavoidable, so the beauty standard of his viewpoint is really same as the media represents such as the movies, televisions, advertising and commercials are m!


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How Mass Media Influences Political Socialization
The mass media's effect on public opinion is vague; when people are not provided with enough information, they lack better judgement and become more oblivious to the event or news story, resulting in the media to have a stronger influence on them.
This issue is all over the news - Obamacare shows up in newspapers, magazines, on television, and even on the internet.

Since there are problems with signing up, Obamacare is receiving more negative attention than before (as it did not have much support in the first place), which is causing the government to rush to solve the problem.
A lifelong process by which people form their ideas about politics and acquire political values.
Early Influential factors
Later Influential Factors
Race and Ethnicity
Mass Media
Mass Media Influences
Most of our of our political information comes from the mass media: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.

If people were to be more informed about politics, government, and general topics, then they would know how to feel because they would, not only know what is going on, but they would be able to react to the correct information.

How Mass Media Influences Public Opinion
Affects Political Behavior
How Mass Media
Political Behavior
Mass Media sets the political agenda by bringing forth problems to the government that the public has, and pointing out problems that the government has to the public.

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They do not really know what is happening, and even if they did they would need guidance as to how to interpret the information.

.: In order to acquire this knowledge, citizens depend on printed, electronic, and broadcasting mediums such as newspaper, radio, or television as sources of news information.
About Mass Media & Its Use
.: Public opinion
is the feelings and opinions of the people of an issue or question.

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Media Literacy education – which teaches students to apply critical thinking to media messages and to use media to create their own messages – is a key 21st century skill. Media Literacy is critical to the health and well-being of America’s children, as well as to their future participation in the civic and economic life of our democracy.

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Media Literacy is concerned with helping students develop an informed and critical understanding of the nature of mass media, the techniques used by them, and the impact of these techniques. More specifically, it is education that aims to increase the students’ understanding and enjoyment of how the-media work, how they produce meaning, how they are organized, and how they construct reality. Media Literacy also aims to provide students with the ability to create media products.

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Naturally, as children get older they adopt new definitions of television reality; however, I was so surprised that how much the mass media can change their viewpoint in such an early age.