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As a result, many of (who had previously been seen as too low-class for the upper crust to marry), particularly American ones. even .

His usual rich woman was the wonderful Margaret Dumont.

She is not, however, married to a rich man but a High school teacher.

The only reason she went to nursing school was so that she could find a rich doctor to marry.
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She's 27 years old (meaning she is dangerously close to being called an ) and figures marrying a clergyman who will eventually inherit a small country estate is her best, not too shabby shot, even tough part of the deal is being stuck with a ridiculous, pompous and stupid man for life.

being a rich man's son, who doesn't need to depend on his Army pay.

I met many wealthy men who wanted to marry me but as it turned out, I didn't want to marry them!
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This may reflect the fact that Jews who intermarry are not deeply committed to their religion in the first place: if something is important to you, why would you marry someone who doesn't share it? Certainly, the statistics show that intermarried Jews are overwhelmingly less likely to be involved in Jewish activities: 85% of Jewish couples have or attend a , while only 41% of intermarried Jews do; 66% of Jewish couples fast on while only 26% of intermarried Jews do; 59% of Jewish couples belong to a while only 15% of intermarried Jews do. These statistics and more are sufficiently alarming to be a matter of great concern to the Jewish community. And the rate of intermarriage has grown dramatically in recent years: according to the , the rate of intermarriage has risen from 13% in 1970 to 47% since 1996, though the rate of intermarriage seems to have stopped increasing. One Orthodox Jew I know went so far as to state that intermarriage is accomplishing what Hitler could not: the destruction of the . That is an extreme view, but it vividly illustrates how seriously many Jews take the issue of intermarriage.


"Tosin Saraki Marrying A Christian Man Is A Sin" - …

That's when she was encouraged to write a book on How To Marry the Rich.
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Fortunately, a woman he cheated before had a friend who was a tailor and also a magician, who places a magic spell in his wedding suit to make him blab at the altar that he's only marrying the girl for her father's money.

"I cherish my copy of this seminar," says one person about How To Marry the Rich!
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The other is Roberto's original girlfriend Paula, who sees her parents lose a good part of their wealth, and after her father fails to steal the main family's riches he also pressures her into marrying one of the two guys.

What women REALLY want: To marry a rich man and …

Each time she marries up, marrying someone who is richer than her previous husband, and always ensuring that she comes out on top in the divorce settlement.

"The Rich will marry someone - why not you?" - Ginie Sayles

In many Hollywood films, this matches the hero's "rags to riches" success story: starting out poor in cheap clothes, ending up rich and successful at the film's end, and looking it.

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She can't reconcile her feelings for him with her determination to marry a man of fortune until his older brother falls ill, and she's thrilled because, if he dies, Edmund will inherit his title and estate...

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The eldest daughter, the perfect Jane, falls in love with a rich man geniunely; the middle sister Mary, who feels unworthy because she can't do the only thing her mother would approve because she isn't charming enough, shies away from the world and retreats into books; and the youngest two sisters are airheads who end up risking a lot while flirting.

Hunt was once the richest man in the world

Keifer Porter is a rare example of a man who was fully onboard with his sisters' decision to marry him to the Princesses - they got the money, and became sisters-in-law with the royals, he got fancy clothes and jewelery, a luxurious life, and was planning on having the husband's quarters redecorated with gilding and all sorts of expensive extras.