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Equity risk premium on an individual stock equals the product of equity risk premium on the market and the stock's beta coefficient.

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Equity risk premium (on market)= Rate of Return on Market − Risk-free Rate= 13.4% − 1.8%= 11.6%
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Equity risk premium on the market is an input in the capital asset pricing model. According to the capital asset pricing model, required rate return on a stock equals risk-free rate plus the product of beta coefficient and equity risk premium on the market.

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Equity risk premium on MSFT stock= MSFT beta coefficient × equity risk premium on market= 1.1 − (13.4% 7minus; 1.8%)= 11.6%
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Equity Risk Premium (on an individual stock)= Beta Coefficient × (Return on the Stock Market − Risk-free Rate)
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How can we apply equation (1) to estimate implied cost of capital for whole markets? There are two possibilities, one that is frequently applied in the academic literature, and one that we prefer

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Equity risk premium is the return in excess of the risk-free rate which must be earned by equities to convince investors to take on the risk inherent in them.

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During 2012, S&P 500 increased from 1,257.60 to 1,426.19. The relevant risk-free rate is the rate of return on 10-year US bonds, and it equals 1.8%. Find the equity risk premium on the market. Assume beta coefficient of Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) is 1.1, calculate the individual equity premium of its stock.