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With the introduction of television and Internet, many important developments have taken place in the field of censorship around the world.

I know there are some moments in music censorship history ..

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Censorship in music is a topic that has brought about much controversy in the past two decades.
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The student gains knowledge of selected key topics from the history of popular music through history, the historical circumstances of popular music, the genres and aesthetic characteristics of popular music as well as the theoretical and methodological topics of the popular music research.

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They are speaking in reference to the rapper Eminem one they heavily talked-about topic of music censorship.
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The course addresses the issues of development in Third World countries and their relationship with developed countries. Special attention is paid to internal development problems, whereby the specific characteristics of the social and economic environment in these countries are analyzed. Since international aspects crucially affect economic development, issues like international trade, aid and investment are also discussed. The outline of the course follows this structure: Definition and content of development economics. Historical overview of global economic development. Theories and strategies of development.. Development problems and issues: domestic/internal aspects:


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WikiLeaks, the sensational international whistle blowing website was closed down several times under the pretext of censorship.
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Here is a second definition. Pornography is sexually explicitmaterial (verbal or pictorial) that is primarily designedto produce sexual arousal in viewers. This definition is better:it deals with the problem of anatomy textbooks and the like. Indeed,this definition is one that is frequently employed (or presupposed) indiscussions of pornography and censorship. (See e.g., Williams 1981.)Of course, it is important to distinguish here between sexuallyexplicit material that is wholly or primarilydesigned to produce sexual arousal (i.e., whose only or overriding aimis to produce sexual arousal) and material whose aim is to do this inorder to make some other artistic or political point. The film,Last Tango in Paris arguably aims to arouse audiences, butthis is not its primary aim. It does so in order to make a broaderpolitical point.

we discussed some of the implications of music censorship by looking at its meaning, ..
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Identification of problems in the area of electric power systems.
The collection of data about problems and possible solutions in the literature: library collections, databases on Internet, and at the relevant business entities.
The selection of methods to solve problems.
Determination of the necessary steps to solve the problems.
Verifying the possible solutions with the use of acquired knowledge, computer codes and other tools.
Preparation and oral presentation of a written report on the work done.

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Aims of this course are to deepen knowledge of the course participants in the area of international finance, to acquint course participants with (i) new concepts and theories in the area of international finance, (ii) basic problems and current trends in this area and to provide course participants with the tools for using theoretical knowledge in the area of international finance for addessing practical problems in this area.

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This course emphasizes the synthesis of economic theory, decision sciences, and the various fields of business administration studies. It examines how they interact with one another as the firm attempts to reach optimal managerial decisions in the face of constraints. A special emphasis will be made on how managerial decisions are actually made in the real world. The course will increase the effectiveness of decision making by expanding and sharpening the analytical framework used by managers to make decisions.
Students will be able to apply economic principles to managerial decision making. They will learn to consider the influence of economic forces in making decisions and in understanding the consequences of those decisions. In any problem-solving challenge, the decision-maker must balance the usefulness of the solution (for example, the power and credibility of insight) with the tractability of the approach (that is, the analysis must be completed within time and resource constraints).

"The Breakdown of Censorship in American Cinema."

Do not be scared by the mathematics word in the title. Discrete mathematics is the region of mathematics planet that works best with computers. In mathematics we are often satisfied with a single solution to the problem, in computer science this is almost never the case. Among all possible solutions we shall look for the one that can be rewritten as an efficient algorithm (or, not equivalent, can be efficiently rewritten as an algorithm).

Mostly we shall work on problems in graph theory. Let me pin out a pair of problems that we shall keep running into: graph coloring and the problem of disjoint paths. In general, graph coloring problems are hard (in the theoretical sense). Yet if we only consider a subclass of graphs, planar graphs for example, even graph coloring problems become easy enough to work on. The problem of disjoint paths can be generalized into several directions, directed or undirected graphs, vertex- or edge- disjoint, separate terminals or not, looking for bottlenecks, maximizing flows.
Most of the problems we shall work with will become easy on a restricted set of graphs having the property, that a small collection of cops can catch a fast robber, which will lead us to the land of graph decompositions.
Finally we shall dig into a collection of problems from computational geometry: segment intersections, polygon triangulations, Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations.
The students are required to have sufficient knowledge in the area of algorithms and data structures and have a command on time and space complexity of algorithms.
Student work includes weekly homework assignments and a final exam.