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Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Essay

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Essay

Elrond has one of the Elf Rings, which the Ring of Power can control.

Content Focus: The Oral Tradition
Thematic Focus: Creating Meaning Through Myth

Content Focus: The Hobbit, Chapters I–VII
Thematic Focus: The Magic of Language

Content Focus: The Hobbit, Chapters VIII–XIX
Thematic Focus: The Quest in Life and Literature

Content Focus: The Lord of the Rings, Book One
Thematic Focus: Power, Corruption, and Responsibility

Content Focus: The Lord of the Rings, Book Two
Thematic Focus: Free Will and Fellowship

Content Focus: The Lord of the Rings, Book Three
Thematic Focus: The Price of Progress

Content Focus: The Lord of the Rings, Book Four
Thematic Focus: The Nature of Good and Evil

Content Focus: The Lord of the Rings, Book Five
Thematic Focus: An Enemy Called Despair

Content Focus: The Lord of the Rings, Book Six
Thematic Focus: What Makes a Hero?

Coincidentally, she also wears one of the three Elf rings.

The Lord of the Rings is, most essentially, a Christian story.J.
In formulating the following behavioral objectives, we tried to keep Tolkien's artistic achievement always in mind.

As the course progresses, the student should be able to:

• Comprehend The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings at the level of plot, character, setting, and idea.


The History of The Lord of the Rings: Part 4

Lord of the Rings fans attention please. Here is the collection of important dates in history of Middle Earth ready for importing into Active Desktop Calendar. Compiled and contributed by a fellow ADC user. If you also have some attractive calendar to share please contact us at . Your comments are welcome at the same address.

The Ring, which is synonymous with power, hold attraction for many, but none can possess it. The Ring itself cannot be controlled or tamed. The irony of the title is obvious: there can never be a "lord" of the Ring.

Houghton Mifflin: Lord of the Rings

Riddles (found on the internet, not written by me) based on Lord of the Rings. No knowledge of the books or films is actually required to work out the answers. Some are harder than others!

Includes an answer sheet. In Pages and PDF format.

Suitable for KS2 & KS3.

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Looking back, I am now struck by what I failed to see.

The release of Peter Jackson's magnificent The Lord of the Rings trilogy prompted me to rediscover Tolkien and his greatest work.

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The Return of the King remains at the top spot in box office sales, and this third and final entry in The Lord of the Rings trilogy deserves top billing.

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This is a far more light-hearted tale than the Lord of the Rings and introduces to the world the unforgettable Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum. The Hobbit is a book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and authors from J.K. Rowling to David Gemmell class it as an inspiration upon their own work.

The Fellowship of the Ring Audiobook – The Lord of the Rings I

Step 1: To help you build on what you already know and reflect upon the story, you will get into groups of 4 to complete a sequential roundtable alphabet activity. Each group will get one sheet to complete together with each letter of the alphabet in its own box. You are to think of a term/idea/person/event associated with anything pertaining to Lord of the Rings that starts with that letter and write it in the box. At the end of the class period, we will come back together as an entire class and share what we've put down. Be prepared to explain to me and your classmates how the word you mentioned fits into the book. This activity is designed to help you remember things you might have forgotten about the story and to help you start formulating ideas for your narrative.