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The painting shows a man holding hands with his wife (who looks pregnantand has her hand on her stomach) in an ornate room.

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It is enough to know about 100 words to survive in a foreign country.

rather than cling to the desire to make pictures look like something they are not
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On the level of artistic creation, the optical look-if the eye belongsto the painter-produces linearity and angularity, whereas haptic creativityfocuses on surfaces.

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One can look either at the figure and see the vase or at theground and see the faces, but one cannot see both at the same time.
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If taking the synchronic view, the person would look at MTV or rap at agiven point in time and try to relate it to cultural, social, and politicalmatters.


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We donot simply glance at images and put them out of our minds; our experienceof looking is much more powerful than that.
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Another way an investigator might lookat rap music involves its relation to other forms of African American expression,such as the doubles, in which case he or she would be looking at it interms of its historical connections.

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This might explain, in part,the phenomenon of scopophilia, literally "looking (scopo) loving (philia),"a psychological phenomenon involving people who derive sexual pleasurefrom looking at others or, in the case of autoscopophilia, from lookingat themselves.

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Claude Gandelman (1991) discusses Riegl's theories:

Riegl stated that one type of artistic procedure, which correspondsto a certain way of looking, is based on the scanning of objects accordingto their outlines.

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DenotationDenotation involves taking terms literally (including images, sounds,objects, or other forms of communication), in contrast to connotation,which involves looking at the various meanings a term carries with it orhas given to it.

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87), but if we make a transverse cut (that is, a cross-sectional cut),we see the fibers in a certain relationship to one another-which we donot see when we look at the longitudinal cut.