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Literacy assessment online is a powerful web based assessment tool designed for schools by Edukey Education Ltd.

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Community Literacy of Ontario has been funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to develop this online training module, which will look at Ontario’s Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs’ assessment requirements, practices and tools. Assessment is one of the five services provided by LBS Service Delivery Agencies (along with Information and Referral, Learner Plan Development, Training, and Exit and Follow-up).

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We find Literacy Assessment online a really useful way of tracking student progress and identifying students who need extra support. We like the fact that the system is very intuitive so the students do not struggle to use it.


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For each of these categories of students, the initial marker of poor reading achievement will likely be the same—below grade-level performance on assessments of reading, and poor performance in the Tier 1 program. A coordinated screening system can identify these students early in the school year, allowing schools to provide and tailor intervention resources to support continued literacy development.

Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell (2001). Guiding Readers and Writers Grades 3-6: Teaching Comprehension, Genre, and Content Literacy. This companion volume to Guided Reading (K-2) extends the instruction, assessment, and management of literacy centers to intermediate through middle school grades. It also focuses on teaching comprehension, genre, and content literacy. Guiding Readers and Writers is available through .

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Lesley Mandel Morrow (1997). The Literacy Center. Stenhouse Publishers. This is a comprehensive presentation on research for the use of literacy centers in the classroom. The book provides information about the organization, management, and assessment of literacy centers, and the instructional techniques that promote cooperative and collaborative learning settings. It is available through . You can download Morrow's Literacy Center Checklist .

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“Assessment is any process or procedure that gathers information for making decisions about a learner’s knowledge, skills, behaviours and abilities. It forms a critical part of everyday activities in a literacy program as decisions are made on the best way to meet learners’ needs. Assessment includes a wide range of approaches from informal procedures to formal, standardized assessments or tests. LBS conduct assessments at intake (upon registration and placement), during programming (as part of program delivery) and at exit (when learners complete the learner plan).”

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Participating in meaningful and purposeful literacy activities on a regular basis could produce positive effects on the entire assessment system. Informal monitoring of student success on specific performance tasks will provide data on student literacy achievement. Use your monitoring system of student participation in the literacy center.

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Assessment acknowledges and guides the learners’ steps during the literacy stage of the path to their goal. Assessment informs the development of a learner plan and the actual delivery of training. Assessment confirms when learners are ready to transition to their goals beyond our programs.