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Industry leader in providing, servicing, upgrading, repairing and parts for refurbished and custom Linacs - Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners.

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Welcome to RadParts, the world's largest independent distributors of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment. Our mission is to provide high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment.

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Over the past years the General Particle Tracer (GPT) package has become a well established simulation tool for the design of accelerators and beam lines. GPT is based on full 3D particle tracking techniques, providing a solid basis for the study of all 3D and non-linear effects of charged particles dynamics in electromagnetic fields. All built-in beam line components and external 2D/3D field-maps can be arbitrarily positioned and oriented to simulate a complicated setup-up and study the effects of misalignments. An embedded fifth order Runge-Kutta driver with adaptive stepsize control ensures accuracy while computation time is kept to a minimum. GPT provides various 2D and 3D space-charge models, including a sophisticated 3D particle-mesh method that scales O(N) in terms of CPU time. Because of its modern implementation, GPT can be easily extended by the user to perform highly specialized calculations for specific applications. Hierarchical data analysis, automatic parameter scans and graphical output allow for fast and detailed interpretation of the simulation results.


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"Acceletronics is dedicated to providing very thorough preventative maintenance and permanent fixes to several of our linear accelerators, instead of those band-aid fixes. Acceletronics engineers are well trained and very knowledgeable in Varian products ranging from the 21EX, Trilogy, iX to TrueBeam. What I like most about Acceletronics is they have excellent communication, great professionalism, excellent customer relations and quick responses. Most of all they find the root cause of problems! Most recently Acceletronics has provided quality support to our newest machine, a Varian TrueBeam. Our TrueBeam had a list of issues when they took it on. Acceletronics took the time to identify, correct all problems, and maintain our TrueBeam to high performance standards. Our TrueBeam is running well with little to no downtime so we are able to provide excellent patient service.

Acceletronics provides & installs refurbished linear accelerators and CT Simulators. You can get the equipment, warranty and expert equipment solutions you need at a price your budget can afford.

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These benefits come with one major competitive advantage no other service provider can match. Value that resonates with YOUR business plans and priorities! Medical Linear Accelerators, Digital Imaging and CT Simulators, Human and Veterinary Radiation Oncology - all from an organization continuously improving and developing processes which are independently audited to internationally recognized ISO9001:2008 quality standards.

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RadParts offers a huge selection of linear accelerator parts and innovative replacement and repair solutions that in many cases can save you up to 50% or more on your linear accelerator parts costs. While our sister company, , an independent service company dedicated to selling and servicing new and refurbished Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models.

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Around the clock and around the world, RadParts is there when you need us! RadParts warehouses contain over 65,000 parts, with over 3,200 individual line items for linear accelerators such as Solid State & tube RF Drivers, Klystrons, Magnetrons, Thyratrons, Waveguides, Circulators, RF loads, MLC motors, new & rebuilt power supplies, solenoids, switches, water & RF rotary joints, crowbars, console keyboards, SF6 gas, mirrors, crosshairs, mylar rolls & sheets, carbon fiber and stringed table panels, pendants, cables, motors, pumps, Vacuum and PMI kits and much more.

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SRS has evolved from an esoteric treatment to an option that should be offered to many patients with intracranial lesions. The older or more medically fragile the patient, the smaller the target. The more hazardous the surgical option, the more SRS should be offered as an alternative to surgery, or as the primary treatment. Radiobiology suggests that there is a particular advantage for single-session irradiation of benign tissues [20]. Thus, certain patients with AVMs, acoustic neuromas, and small cavernous sinus meningiomas are ideal candidates for primary SRS. Ample clinical evidence exists that SRS is an effective treatment for such lesions, with a morbidity rate less than surgery. The question is where to draw the line—e.g., should all patients with acoustic neuromas be offered SRS, or should this be reserved only for those considered elderly or medically infirm? Thus, the debate is not whether SRS is an effective treatment, but rather which patients are candidates for treatment.