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Given the huge market share, the buyout is intended to counter it slowing sales in the US and establish China as its home market outside of the US. Much of what Starbucks and McDonald’s have achieved in China is the result of their partnership with local operators.What is important for businesses to learn is that pursuing a JV strategy in China works differently for different businesses at different times.

From 18–22 I spent four years working at McDonalds

Both crew members and restaurant mangers can access McDonalds LMS SabaNow Portal online. Login to your learning and training courses at the Access McD website.
McDonald’s soured relationship with CPRL has undermined their past success in India. Foreign businesses looking to partner with an Indian company can learn from their example on how to vet and plan a JV in India.


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At McDonald's, our Restaurant Management Trainees are on the fast track to becoming Restaurant General Managers in just three years*. And when you get there, we'll groom you to become a Business Consultant who oversees five or more of McDonald's million-dollar turnover restaurants. Keen to explore beyond Restaurant Operations? You can take up lateral transfer opportunities in functions such as Marketing, Supply Chain, and Human Resources too. So how do we achieve all these with you? Think awesome leadership and business management training, along with our Continuous Lifelong Learning Programme (CLLP).

Learn our story including the history of McDonald’s, our vision, mission to feed the nation and our core business values.
McDonald’s initial success in India was due to properly functioning JVs; their downfall is, in part, the result of an unhealthy JV. Foreign investors can learn from McDonald’s example: properly vet Indian partners, ensure all partners’ interests are adequately aligned, and formalize those interests in a comprehensive contract.