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How the heat from a laptop can 'toast' the skin on your thighs. By Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail Updated: 03:25 EST, 7 October 2010

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The Laidback makes it possible to optimize the ideal arm, hand, neck, shoulder, and leg positions recommended by ergonomists to maximize comfort when using a laptop computer. Comfort is key in this context When you’re comfortable, you are also pain and stress free, and can extend your laptop usage, be more efficient and effective, and can significantly reduce further stress on your body.

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Also marketed by LapWorks, the Acrobat Desk Stand is an all-purpose, off-the-lap, platform for notebook computers, lifting notebook off-your-lap and positioning it for easy viewing. The Acrobat DS improves the ergonomics of using a notebook computer by providing an infinite number of adjustments in height and angle. This product is made of Aluminum and is therefore extremely light weight. The Acrobat DS can be set-up in bed, on a sofa or chair, on the floor and even as a desktop stand.


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Relax on the sofa or compute in bed with this ergonomically designed laptop bed desk. Two magazine-sized holders flank a center desktop that can be laid flat for laptop computing and writing or tilted up to hold your ‘Book or book for easy typing or reading.

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The finger used to type each letter is the same finger that's used in normal touch typing – That's why you can learn it so quickly. It's uncanny, but your brain quite naturally understands that a key that you would normally type with the index finger of one hand can be typed with the index finger of the other hand.

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By using the table, you can now work efficiently while lying in bed or while sitting on the sofa, and best of all, without the heat. There’s no more worrying about your battery running out of life so quickly. The Laptable warrants the correct ventilation for laptops thus protecting them from overheating. Now you can lengthen the life of both your battery and your computer.

How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop Computer

Also, thanks to this table, every morning you can surprise a loved one, bringing them breakfast in bed! The Laptable is also very handy when serving an ill person who can’t get out of bed.
With adjustable height and angle the Laptable is additionally ideal for comfortably reading or writing, and you can work comfortably on the sofa.

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Every laptop producer, in the manual, indicates that a laptop should be put on a hard surface that doesn’t block the air vents. When you hold a laptop on your knees, you block the required ventilation needed to prevent a computer from getting damaged.

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Rather than resting on the surface that’s supporting you, the Lounge-book incorporates a floor-supported, adjustable-height pedestal that cantilevers the computer tray over your lap, adding a handy mousing (or whatever) flat surface atop the pedestal column itself.

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Constructed with a handsome espresso wood finish and oil rubbed bronze metal finish, this work space features an adjustable height, so it can be used as a lap desk or a bed desk when you simply can’t drag yourself out from under the covers but still want to be productive! Workspace measures 14” H x 22” W.