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• The number of prisoners on death row peaked at 3,593 in 2000 but now hovers around 3,000, a 17% decline.

"Juvenile Death Penalty Case Accepted." (Feb. 12, 2004): 90

Key arguments for supporters of the death penalty include:

Many countries today have abolished the death penalty, such as , , , almost all of  and much of .
A new study by the anti-death penalty group Reprieve Australia showed that prosecutors in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, struck would-be black jurors 46% of the time, compared to 15% for others. And that mattered: In 200 verdicts from 2003-12, juries with fewer than three blacks did not acquit any defendants. When five or more blacks participated, the acquittal rate was 19%.

For many Christians, this is enough to condemn capital punishment.

As described in Part I, juvenile offenders face significantly greater dangers when confined with adults in jails and prisons, and thousands of juveniles in the United States face these dangers on any given day. A growing body of evidence indicates that juveniles are significantly different from adults. The disparity in the dangers faced by juveniles and adults when confined in adult facilities, coupled with the inherent differences between juveniles and adults, raises important constitutional issues. A punishment that passes constitutional muster when applied to adults may be unconstitutional when applied to juveniles.


ruling is a death knell for capital punishment

Jack Leason, 19, of Wellington, New Zealand, left, attends a protest against the death penalty outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, on June 29, 2015.

Stephen Bright, Foster's lawyer at the Southern Center for Human Rights, says the upcoming Supreme Court case illustrates two of Justice Breyer's many concerns: racial discrimination and decades spent on death row.

The Bible's teaching about capital punishment and the death penalty?

Hinton became the 152nd death row prisoner exonerated since 1973. Many of them are now poster children for the myriad problems cited in June by two Supreme Court justices who questioned the constitutionality of the death penalty.

The History of Capital Punishment in California

Instead of treating juveniles like adults, just because there is no severe punishment in the juvenile system, it is fundamental to recognize that they are not adults, and should not be denied their status as such.

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It is not known whether corporal punishment is officially part of the regime in the Royal Thai Armed Forces, but caning is certainly used in practice, at least of the fairly minor kind seen in and .

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Those in favor of capital punishment most often build their views on a verse in which Christ allegedly advocates capital punishment for crimes against children.

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Hinton, who is black, was an apparent victim of racial discrimination. He was convicted in a county known for delivering death sentences, making him a victim of geographic disparities. He spent decades in solitary confinement under threat of execution, a cruel and unusual punishment in the eyes of the two justices. And ultimately, the prosecution admitted it no longer had a case.