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Steven Spielberg's famous film, Schindler's List, shows the tragedy of the Jewish ghetto in Krakow.

Jewish Ghetto of Krakow | The Holocaust in Krakow

Jewish Ghettos Of The Holocaust, In 55 Heartbreaking …

“Jewish Uprisings in Ghettos and Camps, 1941 - 1944” Holocaust Encyclopedia.
From November 1942 on the Nazis were transferring Jewish laborers from the ghetto to the nearby Plaszow camp. In December 1942, the German authorities carved the Krakow ghetto up into zone A for usable work force and zone B meant for the rest of Jews.

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With the action of the "Final Solution" (the plan to murder all European Jews) beginning in late 1941, the Germans destroyed the ghettos.
The largest ghetto in Poland was the Warsaw ghetto, where more than 400,000 Jews were crowded into an area of 1.3 square miles.
Warsaw Ghetto

Putting Jews in ghettos was not Hitler's idea.


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Between the Nazi rise to power in 1933 and Nazi Germany’s surrender in 1945, more than 340,000 Jews emigrated from Germany and Austria. The search for refuge frames both the years before the Holocaust and its aftermath.

Despite the indifference of most Europeans and the collaboration of others in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust, individuals in every European country and from all religious backgrounds risked their lives to help Jews. Rescue efforts ranged from the isolated actions of individuals to organized networks both small and large.

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Individual acts of courage and humanity enabled beacons of hope to flicker throughout this period of darkness, and ultimately stand as testament to man’s ability to confront and withstand extreme evil. During the Holocaust brave individuals and groups tried to help Jews. Such acts took great courage because the punishments were severe and, in some cases, the penalty was death.

Historiography: Ghettos during the Holocaust

To control the Jewish population of towns they invaded, the Nazis established ghettos, walled sections of cities where they forced Jews to live in crowded, unsanitary conditions. By the end of 1941 most of the Jews of occupied Eastern Europe were imprisoned in ghettos.

of the Ghettos during the Holocaust.

More  than six decades after the Holocaust, the horrors of Bosnia,  Rwanda, and Darfur are sobering reminders that preventing future  genocides and...

Introduction to the Ghettos of the Holocaust

In all the German-occupied countries, there were about 1,000 ghettos.
-Isolated sections of cities in which Jews were forced to live in
All these ghettos were categorized as one of the following:
Closed Ghettos:
These ghettos had walls and fences all around and the jews were not allowed to leave
Destruction Ghettos:
These types of ghettos did not have walls or fences and there were only some restrictions on entering and leaving.
These ghettos only lasted for few weeks before they deported or killed all the jews in the ghetto.
Opened Ghettos:
They were terrible places that stole lives and happiness.
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Here is the vocabulary;
-Warsaw Ghetto
-Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
-Jewish Ghettos
-Open Ghettos
-Star of David
-Closed Ghettos
-Destruction Ghettos
“Jewish Life During the Holocaust” Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburg.

A bunker used by the Jewish resistance during the Warsaw ghetto …

There are 18 sections which explore the rise of Nazism and the horrors of life and death in the ghettos and camps across Nazi-occupied Europe. The exhibition commences with the ‘Vanished World’, focussing on pre-war European Jewry, and ends with ‘To Life, to life, l’chaim’ where we look at the survivors who came to Australia and made it their home.