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Hargreaves is said to have gotten the idea for his remarkable invention after his young daughter (named Jenny) overturned his spinning wheel.

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James Hargreaves was born near Blackburn in about 1720

Hargreaves began selling spinning jenny's from his home, near Blackburn, Lancashire, England.
With Hargreaves' spinning jenny, a person could produce up to eight threads at once (it used one spinning wheel and 8 spindles on which threads were wound).

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Thomas James became Hargreaves' partner and they began a spinning mill which used spinning jennies (which could now produce even more threads per machine).


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Description of Invention
The Spinning Jenny is operated by 8 spindles onto which the thread is spun from a corresponding set of rovings.
By turning a single wheel, the operator can spin 8 threads all at once.
This is basically a hand-controlled device managed by only one person needed.
This mechanism is often used in homes, workshops, and factories.
Hargreaves tried to get a patent but was denied due to selling his invention to his neighbors before applying.
(Samples of a patent)
The Spinning Jenny increased productivity about 20 times.
It was reasonably simple and easy to assemble.

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James Hargreaves was born around the year 1720
James Hargreaves was born in Knuzden Brook, Oswaldtwistle,Lancashire, England
James Hargreaves died at 57-58 years of age in the year 1778
James Hargreaves was married to Elizabeth Grimshaw and was said to have 13 kids
James Hargreaves nationality was English
James Hargreaves did not receive a formal education
He was interested in engineering but for a profession he was a weaver and carpenter
Hargreaves was never taught to read or write

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