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Christianity, Judaism and Islam share a lot in common, but there are a great many differences.

Hinduism Vs. Christianity Vs Islam

People of the Book: Comparing Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Comparing world religious beliefs of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam ..
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Islam and Christianity have been related since the former emerged as what Muslims would see as a divinely initiated reform and restoration of perennial prophetic religion, particularly in its Abrahamic forms in Judaism, Christianity, and the rituals of the sanctuary of Mecca. The relationship has been theological and cultural as well as political. Despite a common tendency to read “Islam and Christianity” as signifying “Islam and the West,” a substantial part of the interaction has taken place in the central Islamic lands. The Qur’an itself engages in conversation, sometimes controversy, with the biblical and postbiblical tradition, and Islamic thought developed in a close relationship of both dialogue and polemic with the existing traditions of the Middle East, particularly Christianity. Grand narratives about the relationship have tended either to see a history permanently marked by conflict between two incompatible systems or to see Islam and Christianity as integral parts of the continuing, though nonetheless contentious, history of Western monotheism. In either case, both traditions have continued to construct their identities in relation to one another.

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Notices of recent publications in Christian Arabic studies, including many on Islam and Christianity.
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I agree. Islam and Christianity differ in what they see as the nature of God, with the resulting consequences. Islam seeks conformity to Sharia as the will of a deity that is singluar in nature, while the cultural diversity that Christianity allows for reflects the multi-faceted nature of a triune God. I believe God created these differences in culture (as well as races, species and everything else in Nature) because it was His pleasure to do so. He is not threatened by diversity, but indeed created much of it Himself, again for His pleasure.


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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have many similarities and many differences
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Continued in Islamochristiana 2 (1976): 187–249; 3 (1977): 257–286; 4 (1978): 247–267; 5 (1979): 299–317; 6 (1980): 259–299; 7 (1981): 299–307; 10 (1984): 273–292; 13 (1987): 173–180; 15 (1989): 169–174. Covering the period from the 7th century to the 14th, this series of essays includes not only the works written in Arabic by both Muslim and Christian authors but also Christian works originally written in Greek, Latin, Armenian, Georgian, Coptic, and Syriac.

Culture: Islam vs. Christianity by William. Christianity began as a subculture to the existing culture and can be see as such in many areas of the world today.
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Covering polemical works of Muslim authors from the 9th century to the 16th, then the most relevant works of both Muslim and Christian authors 1865 to 1968. The author analyzes 20th-century developments in Muslim attitudes toward Christianity by comparing them to the classical positions.

Answering Christianity : Islam Answers Trinitarian Beliefs.

There have been many rational arguments against the Trinity by Jewish and Islamic thinkers, like Saadia ben Joseph Gaon who taught against this during the Middle Ages, a time when Christians were often torturing and killing those who did not believe in Jesus as the Christ.

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Christianity began as a subculture to the existing culture and can be see as such in many areas of the world today. It can honestly be said, despite Western Civilization’s sometimes claim to the contrary, that there is no Christian culture, only cultures with Christian influences. For Islam, it is the only culture and it displaces the existing culture anyplace it takes hold in favor of itself.

Why Muslims hate Zakir Naik so much?

As religions and as approaches to humanity and its many cultures, Christianity and Islam are radically different, as opposite as day is from night. It is important that we see the difference, as well as the intrinsic peril it holds for us and the world at large.