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As seen in Petruchio’s case, policy was used to assume complete control over Katherina and included threatening and isolation.

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Does Petruccio tame the shrew? | Shakespeare II
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While Katherina is clearly tamed publically, shown through her final speech imploring women to obey their husbands, it remains unclear whether her new found civility will continue in the privacy of Petruchio’s home.

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When Katherina slaps Petruchio in Act 2 Scene 1, Petruchio’s immediate response is the threat of violence though not violence itself.
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Then who really needs to be tamed? Is it possible that, by the "shrew" in the play's title, Shakespeare means to refer to Petruchio rather than Katharina? By the end of the fourth act, Katharina is treating her husband as if he were a whimpering baby who demands to be constantly humored. With more than a hint of mocking in her words, she tells Petruchio: "Then, God be blessed, it is the blessèd sun./But sun it is not, when you say it is not,/And the moon changes even as your mind./What you will have it named, even that it is,/And so it shall be for Katharine." (4.5: 18-22) This is the language of a woman wise enough to be in charge, but who subjagates herself to please - or perhaps to control - her husband. Whereas Shakespeare's play is often considered sexist, it is possible that, in keeping with the theme of disguise, the Bard has disguised the "shrew" of his title. It could in fact be Petruchio. While at first glance Petruchio seems to be doing the taming, Kate's willingness to play along with his games is its own form of power. Keep in mind, additionally, that during Shakespeare's day both male and female roles were performed by men; indeed, Shakesperean theater already emphasized the performative nature of gender. Shrew's final Acts seem to take this awareness to an extreme.


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By threatening to turn around and go back home, Petruchio is able to make Katherina say it is the moon because he says it is.
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He, like all the pettrainers in the complex, was trained to spot certain subtleties in a pet’sspeech patterns, enabling an experienced trainer to tell when an animal beingtamed was going through the motions of being obedient because that was what wasexpected of it and when the absolute submission being offered was the realdeal.

I really think that Katherine just realized that she couldn't win with Petruccio--that this was her fate, whether she liked it or not.
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