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Homosexuality is ethical, and I will provide rational arguments for, and irrational arguments against the topic.

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Is it unjust to discriminate against homosexuals?Sometimes it is unjust and other times it is just.
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The History and Danger of AB 606

[Note: Compare this California bill with the move to compel BritishColumbia schools to carry pro-homosexuality materials. See article entitled "Corren Case Moves Forward."]

AB 606 (D-Levine) was recently amended to require broad-sweeping changes toindoctrinate school children concerning homosexual, bisexuality andtranssexuality.

As amended, AB 606 would require California school districts to take specifiedactions to increase awareness and prevent incidences of discrimination andharassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender. It wouldalso require curriculum read by young school children to contain information onaccepting and embracing these various forms of sexuality.

If a school district fails to comply with the provisions in AB 606, the statesuperintendent has carte blanche discretion to withhold state-funding from thatschool district.

In order for you to understand exactly how disastrous AB 606 really is, you needto know a little background information.

AB 606 builds on AB 537, the California Student Safety and Violence PreventionAct of 2000 (SSVPA).

AB 537 added two new forms of discrimination (actual or perceived sexualorientation and actual or perceived gender) to the list of discriminationprohibited in California's public schools. In the spring of 2000, Superintendentof Public Instruction Delaine Eastin established the AB 537 Advisory Task Forceto identify, research, and recommend guidelines for implementing the SSVPA. Thegoal was to ensure that "AB 537 did not become another law that sat on abookshelf."

AB 606 is an effort to codify (make mandatory) some of the more outrageous AB537 Task Force recommendations.

The AB 537 Task Force recommended that resources are used to "createpositive, grade-appropriate visual images that include all sexual orientationsand gender identities for use in school common areas throughout the schoolyear."

The Task Force also recommended that public schools "acknowledge lesbian,gay, bisexual, and transgender historical figures and related events, concepts,and issues in the revisions of content standards and curriculum frameworks, whenappropriate."

Additionally, it recommended that public schools "identify and expand theavailable lesbian, gay, bisesxual, and transgender resources for school librarymaterials."

These specific goals are satisfied by AB 606.

AB 606 would repeal current provisions in the law that keep curriculum frombeing forced on school districts in order to advance SSVPA objectives. In otherwords, AB 606 would mandate that curriculum and classroom time be used to teachchildren to embrace homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality.

AB 606 would require all public schools to do what is currently being done atSan Leandro High School in the Bay Area.

At San Leandro High School, a rainbow-flag poster, with pink triangles and othersymbols of homosexual pride, and containing a pro-homosexual message, has beenordered to be posted in all classrooms. Five teachers have protested, based ontheir religious convictions. This has resulted in a standoff between theseteachers and the school administration.

Pushing homosexual indoctrination on young children is being packaged and soldin the name of "preventing violence." No one wants incidences ofviolence to occur on school campus. Violence is never acceptable on publicschool grounds. AB 606, however, goes beyond addressing violence on schoolcampus.

If the goal were simply to prevent violence, legislation could be enacted toensure that public school administrators promptly address all incidences ofviolence when they occur, regardless of what they are about.

AB 606 is not about safe schools, it's about molding and shaping the minds ofyoung children to accept various forms of sexuality regardless of what theirparents or religious beliefs tell them.

AB 606 will surely conflict with parental rights and the religious beliefs ofboth parents and students.

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A petition asking the government to end discrimination against same-sex marriage was also in the mix.
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The authors make the blanket statement in opening the strategies section thatHeterosexism I can see, and but as previously stated, a heterosexist point of view is often based on long established cultural traditions and sincerely held moral or religious beliefs. As educators we must tread very carefully down this path. The allegation that homophobia (and its equally ludicrous partner, transphobia) is pervasive is at best a misuse of a clinical term and at worst a paranoid delusion unsupported by any serious research. Laumann (1994) reports that the same survey respondents who express moral disapproval for homosexuality also consistently expressed the belief that gays should not be discriminated against. I would strongly recommend that the gay movement consider dropping the term homophobia as it is currently used, and leave it in the clinical realm where it belongs. is a much more accurate and less inflammatory term.


Some might even go so far as to discriminate against them

Homophobia is defined as “irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals” (Merriam-Webster Online)....
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Although Adam Kolasinski, the author of “The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage,” never refers to homosexual behavior as “wrong,” he argues several key points, including financial issues, to conclude why homosexual marriage is not allowed in the majority of states....

The situation is also an injustice against the homosexuals who are admitted to service because it may tempt them toward serious sin.
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The more moral principles an acts violates, the more sinful that act is.

It is a heresy against the Catholic Faith to believe that homosexual acts outside of marriage are no more sinful than heterosexual acts outside of marriage.


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Therefore, it is a heresy to believe that the homosexual orientation itself is good, or that it is approved or blessed by God, for the homosexual orientation is inherently directed toward acts that are intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral.

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But the homosexual orientation is inherently directed toward an intrinsic moral evil which is always a serious sin against God, and therefore it is not at all equivalent to the natural inclination of men and women toward each other, which is designed by God and which is not necessarily sinful.

c) It represents the homosexual orientation as if it were acceptable to God, so that the individual would not have any moral obligation to change.

76 countries where homosexuality is illegal - 76 CRIMES

Therefore, it is contrary to the Catholic faith to claim that the homosexual orientation is merely a result of nature or genetics or 'normal' human psychological development, as if sin were in no way involved as part of the cause of something which is intrinsically immoral.

The question as to whether or not there may be some minor genetic influences which make some persons more susceptible to fall into this deplorable state is a matter of some dispute among the faithful.