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1914-1918 WWI WWII Animal Gas Masks Most of the animals that got gas masks, during the wars, were dogs and horses.

Garrett A. Morgan: Traffic Signal and Gas Mask Inventor

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Which made the mask more effective plus it made it harder for gas to kill people.
It must berealised also that it can become, and is likely to become, still moreimportant, and that the fight between the offence and the defence onboth sides will continue until the end of the war.

Since December of last year the boche has been copying a method invented by the British for firing a large numberof big drums of gas simultaneously.

Garrett A. Morgan- Traffic Signal and Gas Mask Inventor

Every man who hears the noise gets his mask on at once, evenbefore there is any sign of gas; and if he does this there is littledanger, as the respirators are quite capable of dealing with even thevery high concentrations of phosgene produced.


Garrett Morgan used gas mask invention to ..

The other ideaunderlying its use was apparently to cause such violent sneezing as toprevent men from getting their masks quickly adjusted or to cause themto sneeze them off if they had been put on.

This and all sorts of other tricks of the gas-shell business have beentried out at various times by the Germans.

The sneezing gas is also sometimesmixed in with the contents of the Green Cross Shell in considerableproportions.

The idea underlying the use of this sneezing gas by the Germans wasapparently partly that of getting a gas which they thought might gothrough our masks.

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A few yards farther onthey passed through the support line, which happened to be fairly freefrom gas, and here they were met by jeers from some of the supportingtroops who shouted " Hello, got the wind up!" and in this way inducedthe corporal, really against his better judgment, to order masks off.

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But whether one way or the other it means that all the frightenedhorses and mules must next be fixed with their respirators and the workin hand must be proceeded with by everybody while wearing gas masks.

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The partialneutralisation is attempted,Just as for the artillery, by killing asmany as possible by heavy surprise bombardments with the lethal shelland then continuing with persistent gas in order to force the remainderto wear their gas masks.

Let me describe as an example a particular way in which the infantrymay be partially neutralised if they they are not thoroughly steady,well-disciplined and trained up to the final dot in gas-defensivemeasures and the use of their respirators.

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Add to this the fact that the remainder ofthe crew will have to don their respirators in order to fight their gunat all, and it can be seen that the rate of fire may be reduced to sucha low limit as to make it of little value for the time being; or thegun may even be put out of action completely.

Once the first surprise is over and no more immediate killing can becounted on, the bombardment may be continued with persistent gas shell,which are just as effective in making the men wear masks.

From our point of view it all comes down to the ability of the gunnersto be quick enough at first in preventing themselves from being gassed;and then later of their being capable of carrying on with their firingwhile wearing masks.

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Thismeans that when it is used our fellows are forced to wear their masksfor very long stretches of time.

The mustard gas is known officially by the Germans as Yellow Crossgas, and the shells are marked on the sides with bright yellow crossesand bands.