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South African Airways (SAA) Internship Learnership Career

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DF 670 Internship.
A minimum of three months in an approved digital forensics or information assurance and security environment. Designed to provide the graduate student with an opportunity to synthesize theory and practice. Prerequisite: consent of the Graduate Advisor, Department of Computer Science

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South Africa has a chronic shortage of skilled medical staff. With too few doctors and nurses for the patient workload, they are grossly overworked. Interns rotate through training blocks of approximately 4 months each in various disciplines, during which they are routinely allocated 120 - 200 hours of overtime per month – up to four times that permitted by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 (BCEA), and more than double the number of overtime hours for which the state contracts to pay them.


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There is a view that financial reward adequately compensates workersfor adverse working conditions, possibly on the assumption that highearnings imply seniority, enough work experience to negotiatefavourable contract terms, and sufficient employment alternatives ifnegotiated conditions do not meet expectations. None of theseassumptions are true of interns, who have no alternative but to workfor the state on its terms to qualify to practise medicine in SouthAfrica.

5. Current students of architecture or engineering who complete the Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture successfully and who require a letter of participation signed by a licensed architect will receive the same, though the exact timing for getting said signature would depend on availability of the licensed architect. (In other words, you might have to make some effort to meet that architect or send your papers over to have them signed, which might take some time, and you’ll be responsible for organising whatever is necessary to get that done.)

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Owing to a chronic shortage of medical staff in South Africa, sleep-deprived medical interns and community service doctors work up to 200 hours of overtime per month under the state’s commuted overtime policy. Nurses moonlight in circumvention of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. For trainee doctors, overtime over 80 hours is unpaid, and rendered involuntarily under threat of not qualifying to practise medicine in South Africa. As forced labour, and sleep deprivation amounting to cruel and degrading treatment, it is outlawed in international law. No other professional group in the country is subjected to such levels of exploitation and discrimination by the state. These abuses should be challenged under the Constitution. Solutions include the installation of electronic time-recording in state hospitals, cessation of unpaid overtime, limits on medical intern shifts to a maximum of 16 hours, and an investigation by the Human Rights Commission of South Africa.

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FACS 5379 Laboratory and Field Experience in Family and Consumer Sciences.
This course is composed of a supervised internship in an area of specialization. Course may be repeated for credit.

FACS 5380 The Needs of the Aging Population and Their Families.
This courses is focused on the broad principles of family and the effects of the environments, nutrition, physical activities, apparel and textiles, and family transitions related to an aging population. Credit 3.

Biology 399 Internship - University of Washington

Students will work for either a business or government agency to obtain applied experience in the use of GIS. Students must be supervised by a member of the graduate faculty, who will determine whether the nature and amount of the work performed satisfies the requirements for graduate credit. In addition, students must be evaluated by their employer, and this information must be submitted to the Department Chair to be used in assignment of a grade for the course. Students are encouraged to maintain a journal and to present a paper recounting their internship experiences. Prerequisites: GEOG 5361, GEOG 5362. Credit 3.