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Jan 16, 1994 · Technology,which can accomplish most of what is projected for the information superhighway, ..

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Graeme R. Newman is distinguished teaching professor at the School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany. He has published works in the fields of the history and philosophy of punishment, comparative criminal justice, private security, situational crime prevention, e-commerce crime, and has written commercial software. He was CEO of a publishing company for 15 years and in 1990 established the United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network. Among the books he has written or edited are: Superhighway Robbery: Crime Prevention and E-commerce Crime (with Ronald V. Clarke) and Rational Choice and Situational Crime Prevention (with Ronald V. Clarke and Shlomo Shoham). Professor Newman received his B.A. from the University of Melbourne in Australia and his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) As remarkable as the Internet is, the "information superhighway" holds hidden dangers for children
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Will the Internet and other lanes of the "information superhighway" radically change political practices and relations, facilitating more open, participatory forms of government?


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Much more doubtful, however, are the beliefs thatall the information in the universe will be accessible atevery moment to everyone with an access to "informationsuperhighway," and that the massive use of information willcreate more opportunities for citizens' participation in theworld of politics, a sort of "cyberdemocracy." These and many other related questions were discussedduring the ninth Euricom colloquium in Piran, Slovenia, inApril 1996.

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As information is being shared instantly and widely into the world, by means of different types of networks or application that are very much linked with the internet such as Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp etc....

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This paper takes a critical look at the notions of democracy which are embedded in both the political rhetoric of the information superhighway and at some of the academic literature which has set out to address the crisis of democracy to which this rhetoric refers.