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But the suggestion of pre-arrangement which helped to create the atmosphere of The Master Builder was wholly out of place in A Doll's House.

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Millions of women have done so. This, then, was an afterthought: was there ever a more brilliant one? It is with A Doll's House that Ibsen enters upon his kingdom as a world-poet.

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A typical playroom may contain a small sandbox with miniature items (people, animals, cars, fantasy figures, etc.), puppets, stuffed toys, dolls, a dollhouse with furniture, dress-up and make-believe clothing and props, art materials for drawing and painting, construction toys, and some indoor games such as ring toss or indoor basketball.


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It is much more to the purpose to remember that the character and situation of Nora had been clearly foreshadowed, ten years earlier, in the figure of Selma in The League of Youth. Of A Doll's House we find in the Literary Remains a first brief memorandum, a fairly detailed scenario, a complete draft, in quite actable form, and a few detached fragments of dialogue.

I am not denying a marked difference between the average man and the average woman in the development of such characteristics as the sense of justice; but I doubt whether, when women have their full share in legislation, the laws relating to forgery will be seriously altered. A parallel-text edition of the provisional and the final forms of A Doll's House would be intensely interesting.

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He remarks upon the painful interview he has just had with Krogstad, whom he is forced to dismiss from the bank; Nora, in a mild way, pleads for him; and the doctor, in the name of the survival of the fittest, * denounces humanitarian sentimentality, and then goes off to do his best to save a patient who, he confesses, would be much better dead. This discussion of the Krogstad question before Nora has learnt how vital it is to her, manifestly discounts the effect of the scenes which are to follow: and Ibsen, on revision, did away with it entirely. * It is noteworthy that Darwin's two great books were translated into Danish very shortly before Ibsen began to work at A Doll's House. Nora's romp with the children, interrupted by the entrance of Krogstad, stands very much as in the final version; and in the scene with Krogstad there is no essential change.

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The fact that for many years he was known to thousands of people solely as the author of A Doll's House and its successor, Ghosts, was largely responsible for the extravagant misconceptions of his genius and character which prevailed during the last decade of the nineteenth century, and are not yet entirely extinct.

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Hence, for example, the amazing opinion, given forth as a truism by more than one critic of great ability, that the author of Peer Gynt was devoid of humour. Within a little more than a fortnight of its publication, A Doll's House was presented at the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, where Fru Hennings, as Nora, made the great success of her career.

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