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Imperialist military interventions become matters of “national defense,” “national security,” and maintaining “stability” in one or another region.

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We have done a lot to these countries just so we could have the security of keeping our power.
Calhoun, Craig, Frederick Cooper, and Kevin W. Moore (eds.) 2006a. Lessons of Empire: Imperial Histories and American Power. New York: The New Press.

The beginning of American imperialism and rising international power

The investigation confirmed that self-interested Americans led a conspiracy and that Hawaiians opposed annexation. Cleveland then tried to restore the monarchy - efforts that were rejected by Dole and his colleagues who arrested the queen and confined her to her quarters. (In the cartoon, "We draw the line at this," the caption reads "Our good-natured country may allow this administration to give our market to England, sell our embassies to Anglomaniac dudes, and cause the reduction of wages to the Europeanstandard. But...we draw the line at this." Description: Soldiers are holding up on points of bayonets a round platform upon which sits a caricature of Lili'uokalani, feathers in her hair, crown askew, barefoot, holding a paper reading "scandalous government", and "gross immorality". )


Explanations of Japan’s Imperialistic Expansion, 1894-1910

In other words, fertility rates were lowered not by capitalist investments and economic growth as such but by socio-economic betterment, even of a modest scale, accompanied by the emergence of women's rights.

Cohn, Bernard S. and Nicholas B Dirks 1988. “Beyond the Fringe: The Nation State, Colonialism, and the Technologies of Power”. Journal of Historical Sociology 1 (2): 224-9.

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Superior firepower, not superior culture, has brought the Europeans and Euro-North Americans to positions of supremacy that today are still maintained by force, though not by force alone.

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“The notion of a number of competing empires is essentially modern. The root idea of empire in the ancient and the medieval world was that of a federation of States, under a hegemony, covering in general terms the entire known recognized world, such as was held by Rome under the so-called pax Romana. When Roman citizens, with full civic rights, were found all over the explored world, in Africa and Asia, as well as in Gaul and Britain, Imperialism contained a genuine element of internationalism. With the fall of Rome this conception of a single empire wielding political authority over the civilized world did not disappear. On the contrary, it survived all the fluctuations of the Holy Roman Empire. Even after the definite split between the Eastern and Western sections had taken place at the close of the fourth century, the theory of a single state, divided for administrative purposes, survived. Beneath every cleavage or antagonism, and notwithstanding the severance of many independent kingdoms and provinces, this ideal unity of the empire lived. It formed the conscious avowed ideal of Charlemagne … Rudolf of Habsburg not merely revived the idea, but laboured to realize it through Central Europe, while his descendant Charles V gave a very real meaning to the term by gathering under the unity of his imperial rule the territories of Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sicily and Naples. In later ages this dream of a European Empire animated the policy of Peter the Great, Catherine, and Napoleon” (Hobson [1902] 1988: 8-9).

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Nationalism and imperialism could therefore, despite their similarities, point in very different directions. A world of nations, accepting the particularities of different peoples, and promoting the cultivation of unique national cultures, was quite different from a world of competing empires, each intent on reforming the world in its own image. J. A. Hobson, the best-known writer on modern imperialism, and one who was fully alive to the connections between nationalism and imperialism, nevertheless felt the need to make it plain at the very outset of his study that the kind of imperialism that was collusive with nationalism was of a very novel and highly untypical kind. It was novel and untypical because it took the form of competing nations, each striving to magnify their empires; whereas the true principle of empire was unitary and universal.

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1889 The U.S., Britain, and Germany attempted to settle their differences in the islands with the Berlin Treaty, which created a neutral and independent Samoa subject to the "advice" of the powers. This arrangement failed, and Samoa went through two rounds of civil war in the 1890s.