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Erratum : Writing a first grant proposal (Nature Immunology (2011) 13 (105-108))

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Sample Grant Proposal: AIDS HIV Prevention: Federal grant proposal received $150,000 grant funding.
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students participate in Student Research Seminar (MICR690) and Department Seminar (MICR690) throughout their tenure in the graduate programThe student must prepare a grant proposal in the style of an NIH F31 fellowship application.

I need a proposal that was developed so far and got approval

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This halfminor covers multiple disciplines in which the immune system plays a major role, such as in medical microbiology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology, and nephrology. Furthermore, more ubiquitous topics such as allergy, transplantation, auto-immunity and innovative therapies are discussed. In the first two weeks of this half-minor, an introduction to the immune system by immune-mediated diseases will be given. Afterwards, the different disciplines and their relations with immunology will consecutively be taught. The last day of the course, students present a Grant proposal poster for an innovative therapy.


Industry Working Group Blueprint Proposal

The current grant level is $300,000; $75,000 per year for a four-year period
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Grant proposal
A pair of students will write an original research grant proposal for the development of an innovative therapy
in an immunological context. Students should formulate their research proposal based on current literature, new data, tempting viewpoints, and will be supervised by recurrent interaction with their respective tutors. On the symposium organized on the last day of the half minor each group of two students will present their proposal by a poster presentation.
Rating: mark 1-10
Assessed by: One minor teacher and two specialists
Assessment: The grant proposal will be evaluated based on the written report, the poster presentation at the final symposium, and involvement in the discussion at the symposium. The mark for the poster presentation will be an average of the evaluation of half minor tutors and the mark from the assigned personal tutor(s) (1:1 ratio). The students will also evaluate and rank all the posters using a written anonymous form. The poster with the highest rank will receive a poster award.
Assessment criteria: use of immunological knowledge into novel concepts, innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, writing skills, presentation.
It is not allowed to choose the same topic as the topic of the report on immunological mechanisms behind disease (Week78).

SU2C Dream Team Translational Research Grant
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To pass the course, the report on immunological mechanisms behind disease, the Grant proposal and the final mark have to be >5.5 and all pass/fail exercises should be passed. One exam; the multiple choice exam, the report on immunological mechanisms behind disease, or the Grant proposal report can be repeated to pass this course.
A maximal number of two failed additional task might be repeated to pass all additional requirements. In case of an oral exam, a written report should be handed in.