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For Christians, some issues, such as unborn human life and the nature of marriage, should be no brainers. But immigration policy is different. There’s no reason Christians must all agree on the details, because it involves genuine but competing goods that are hard to keep in balance. Reasonable people may weigh these competing goods differently.

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What we should be doing is looking at the unemployment and underemployment rates when deciding foreign immigration numbers. We’re seeing some of these visa programs being misused to replace American workers with foreign and that makes no sense economically to our country.


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For the first time in a generation, immigration policy is a leading issue in the presidential campaign, and it involves not just immigrants to our south, but refugees from war-torn regions of the Middle East. Donald Trump has made it his signature topic, and many of the other GOP candidates are maneuvering to get on the good side of GOP primary voters, who are more and more skeptical of immigration.

“Other politicians should have stated that immigration really isn't that big a problem. This might be difficult when the problems are of great interest to the media, but I think things could've been different if they had clearly stated a different view.”

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Wiggen argues that the public debate on immigration in Norway is fundamentally negative, and that the problems which may or may not arise from multiculturalism are vastly exaggerated.

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(It's a smart move to bring in immigrants just in time to pay them Social Security benefits!)

-- Bill Cosby's son, Ennis, killed in 1997 by 18-year-old Ukrainian immigrant Mikhail Markhasev, who had come to this country with his single mother eight years earlier.

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It seems this discussion tries to lump together 3 groups…legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and refugees. But they are each vastly different. We all know now that the FBI says refugees are not being safely vetted (and thus immoral to be imposed on the public) and we already know that illegal immigration is immoral because it breaks the law in a country of laws. We dont need to pretend these are moral gray areas and we shouldn’t be ignoring our governments primary responsibility….it is not to give worldwide humanitarian aide….but to protect its legal citizens. When these issues conflict…we need to leave the humanitarian aide moral imperatives to humanitarian agencies.

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Instead of helping America, our immigration policies are designed to help other countries solve their internal problems by shipping their losers to us.

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This is what moral debate has turned into in the UK. The history of race is different – and more troubled in the US*, which already has a big problem with identity politics. For what it’s worth I think any country is absolutely within it’s rights to control immigration completely. Of course this will not be possible (look at the Mexicans in LA), but the moral debate is completely skewed, because of this sanctimonious bleating.