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Wind Speeds from Hurricane Isabel in the Raleigh - Durham Area(Jordan Hall data courtesy of Dr.

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Thus, it is not surprising that Hurricane Isabel caused 55-foot waves as she came ashore.
Department of Labor Commissioner Catherine Hendry announced that the Federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (D.U.A.) has been extended to St. Thomas and St. John residents for Hurricane Irma. The D.U.A. applies to persons who have lost their jobs, live in St. Thomas and St. John, or have been displaced by Hurricane Irma. D.O.L.’s requirements for the D.U.A. requires that an individual does not qualify for regular unemployment benefits; individuals and small business owners who have lost incomes due to Hurricane Irma; individuals prevented from working due to an injury caused by the disaster; individuals who have become the sole supporter of the household due to a disaster-related death or injury of another family member; individuals who are unable to reach their places of employment because of the disaster.

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Because of widespread property damage and extensive death tollsthe name "Isabel" was retired after the 2003 season, and will notbe used for future . It was replaced by for the naming list for the.The names Ina and Ivy were also suggested as possible replacementnames.


Hurricane Isabel made landfall in North Carolina on Sept

Damage in totaled $90 million (2003 USD, $98 million2006 USD),with Vermont reporting about $100,000 in damage (2003 USD,$110,000 in 2006 USD).Falling trees from moderate winds downed power lines across theregion, causing sporadic power outages. Two people died in theregion as a result of the hurricane, both due to the rough surffrom Isabel.

As you can clearly see from the snippet photo entitled, "Isabel Outer Banks", this biosphere covers the entire peninsula jutting southward like a dagger. Northampton County covers the southern part of the peninsula while Accomack County covers the northern part of the same peninsula. After delivering a straight hit to the , Hurricane Isabel then proceeded northward to strike the Biosphere! What are the chances against that happening by accident? This storm named Isabel (Jezebel) and symbolized by the Pentagram within a Circle (Lucifer) struck the two UN Biospheres that are targeted for either no human activity or highly regulated human activity.

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The winds from Isabel downed hundreds of trees and power linesacross ,leaving hundreds of thousands without power; a falling tree killedone person. Rough waves and a moderate storm surge along thecoastline caused moderate to severe beach erosion, and one personwas killed from the rough waves. Damage in the state totaled$50 million (2003 USD, $55 million2006 USD).

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The passage of Hurricane Isabel in resulted in $160 millionin damage (2003 USD, $175 million 2006 USD) and2 indirect deaths in . Oneperson suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, believed to becaused due to improperly ventilated generators in an area affectedby the power outages.Moderate winds left about 1.4 million customers without poweracross the state as a result of trees falling into power lines,with dozens of houses and cars damaged by the trees.

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The effects of the hurricane in were compounded by flooding caused bythe remnants of daysbefore.Moderate winds of up to 62 mph (100 km/h) in downed numerous trees, tree limbs, and power lines across thestate,leaving at least 15,300 without power.Numerous low-lying areas were flooded due to high surf, strongstorm surge, or run-off from flooding further inland.The passage of Hurricane Isabel resulted in $40 million indamage (2003 USD, $44 million 2006 USD) and nocasualties in the state.

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The assailed much of southeastern Virginia, peaking at an estimated9 feet (2.7 m) in along the ; the surge caused significantdamage to homes along river ways,especially along the middle reaches of the James River basin.The strong storm surge surpassed the floodgate to the while workers attempted to close the gate; about 44 milliongallons of water flooded the tunnel entirely in just40 minutes, with the workers barely able to escape.Further inland, heavy rainfall was reported, peaking at20.2 inches (513 mm) in Upper Sherando,causing damage and severe . Winds from the hurricanedestroyed over 1,000 houses and damaged 9,000 more;damage in the state totaled about $1.85 billion(2003 USD, $2.03 billion 2006 USD), among thecostliest tropical cyclones in Virginia history.The passage of Isabel also resulted in 32 deaths in the state,10 directly from the storm's effects and 22 indirectlyrelated.