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Thinking beyond your product and more in terms of humor and entertainment can maximize your advertising effectiveness. Here's how to pull it off.

Advertising: Humour "Humor is the great thing, the saving thing

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Is the primary goal of humor advertising to charm customers or to sell product features
Pros & Cons of Humor approach in Advertising Pros & Cons of Humor approach in Advertising Pros & Cons of Humor approach in Advertising HOW TO ADD THE HUMOR Assure the humor is appropriate to both the product and the consumer.

Thoroughly consider and understand the target market.

Make humor relevant to the objective.

The content needs to be refreshed with a variation of the concept.

Humorous print advertising in the U.S

Humor in advertising can help smaller companies compete with their larger counterparts
In my view the most important thing in advertisingis to create a clear Unique Selling Proposition and use it to succinctlycommunicate why people should choose you over your competition."


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Tickle your audience’s funny bone with humorous and memorable advertising.
how to add the humor Utilizing Humor
in Social Media Utilizing Humor in Social Media conclusion + when humor is used properly, it brings a great effect in advertising.

One approach for ad designers to capture the attention and interest of viewers is to use humor
Enjoy it!

Here you'll find jokes and cartoons about greedy lawyers, crooked judges, shameless shysters, ambulance chasers, lawsuits, the legal profession, writs, torts, subpoenas, arrests, plaintiffs, trials, absurb verdicts, crazy lawsuits, appeals, and alligators eating lawyers (yeah!).

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