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Fourth variation: "Respect for the individual is a Western characteristic"; in China (I quote from an eminent American bureaucrat) there is "an utterly natural acceptance of the age-old Confucian tradition of subordinating individual liberty to collective obligation." In other words, the Chinese dissidents who are being jailed and executed merely for having expressed heterodox opinion, the millions who, having been branded once and for all as "class enemies" (the classification is hereditary!), are reduced, they and their descendants, to a condition of being social outcasts, or are herded into labor camps.

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However, the history of human rights in China is, after all, an academic question.
The present-day human rights discourse in China was sparked by the Tiananmen Square Incident in 1989, as the outside world suddenly increased its pressure on the Chinese regime. In response, the government published the Human Rights in China white paper in 1991. This was an attempt by the government to interpret Chinese laws in terms of human rights. The white paper is an expression of the government's view of human rights, which places a high priority on the right to subsistence and economic development as a precondition for the full enjoyment of human rights. Having been prompted by international pressure, the official Chinese discourse on human rights can therefore be characterized as reactive, rather than proactive.


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Foreigners who pretend that
On May 28, the U.S. House of Representatives chose to debate a resolution expressing its concern over the issue of "human rights" in China. This makes it appropriate to make a comparison of the real records of the U.S. and China on human rights.

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William Nee, China researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong, said Beijing deserves credit for at least placing "some rhetorical importance" on the issue of human rights through the report.

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In other words, an ideal totalitarian system would consist in the utter destruction of civil society, whereas the state and its organizational instruments are the only forms of social life; all kinds of human activity-economical, intellectual, political, cultural-are allowed and ordered (the distinction between what is allowed and what is ordered tending to disappear) only to the extent of being at the service of state goals (again, as defined by the state).

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Regarding freedom of speech, the report provided figures for the number of newspapers, magazine and books published, as well as statistics for Internet and social media users. But it did not mention what monitoring groups and foreign governments decry as a vast network of online censorship and control dubbed the Great Firewall of China.

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"Nonetheless, in certain areas - especially related to freedom of expression, civil society, and the protection of the rights of ethnic minorities - the white paper seems to have been written in an alternative reality," he said in an emailed comment to AFP.

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Yet "totalitarianism" has become a taboo concept among fashionable political scientists, and especially among contemporary China scholars; they generally endeavor to describe and analyze the system of the People's Republic without ever using the world "totalitarian"-no mean feat.