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Events and event planning are evolving into new, dynamic formats

Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture

There was little difference in how younger and older teachers perceived the impact of technology.
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"All of my administrators said that McREL’s Balanced Leadership professional development was extremely meaningful to their practice and allowed them to be reflective learners."

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The heavy technology use, Dr. Christakis said, “makes reality by comparison uninteresting.”
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In the future, beacons will be able to enhance the experience of loyal customers by, for example, notifying sales associates the moment you walk into your favorite store. "Say a shopper always goes to a store on Wednesdays, but today they go on a Thursday and their favorite sales associate is out," Mikhailov says. "A Bluetooth peer-to-peer experience might allow them to share their shopping list with a sales associate in real time, and now that sales associate can give informed suggestions."


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We’re excited to announce our 2018 Professional Learning lineup! We’ve added several new innovative sessions, both in the summer and fall, and are offering a bonus: Each of our Denver-based academies and workshops now includes extended coaching for the 2018–19 school year to support your continued development!

"McREL has never failed to provide us with innovative ideas, training, and resources."
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Some manufacturers are also hoping to use smart-shelf technology to increase sales of their products by automatically sending shipments to stores when products are running low. Consumers would never have to worry about their favorite products being temporarily out of stock, making it a win-win for customers and retailers.

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Relying on humans to update pricing or restock items ends up being costly and time-consuming for businesses. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that out-of-stock shelves cost retailers 4% of their annual revenue. That's why major retailers like Whole Foods, Walgreens, and Lowe's have turned to smart-shelf technology to monitor inventory in real time.

Fortunately, you've got technology on your side

With smart shelves, retailers and manufacturers can scan the content of a shelf using embedded sensors and alert store employees when inventory is running low or when a theft has been detected. Retailers can also change prices of products in real time, ensuring accurate pricing for customers and saving time for associates who were once required to monitor those shelves.

Technologies That Are Changing the Way Police Do …

Have you ever picked up an item you thought was on sale, only to get to the register and find out the sale ended yesterday and no one updated the price? Or you head to the store only to realize the shampoo you need is out of stock ... again.

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"When brands stop marketing to customers in a general way and start treating them as individuals with specific preferences," explains Maya Mikhailov, chief marketing officer and cofounder of the mobile commerce platform GPShopper, "that personalization will make customers more loyal to brands."

The way the Internet has changed the way we communicate

Many brick-and-mortar stores have begun incorporating virtual reality into their in-store experience. For example, certain Lowe's locations let customers see 3D renderings of future bathroom renovations before they buy anything. Customers can meet with a trained sales representative to pick which items they want to upgrade (such as faucets, a toilet, or a tub). Once they've decided what they want, they step into a 30-by-20 room to see, using a tablet and 3D technology, how those products would look in their bathroom.