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Run, Jump, Throw! Youth Sports Track is a great introduction to the sport of Track and Field.

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Take a look at some of the top ten benefits for involving your child in youth sports!
The role of sports can have different effects on social/psychological development. Most adolescents participate in team sports, in which youths compete with others to achieve or obtain a certain goal. Working together and learning how to cooperate and interact with others helps an adolescent develop socially. In addition, becoming socially accepted by one's peers and teammates raises self-esteem and enables one to be more psychologically competent. However, some sports have higher demands and may even require a certain body type. If the adolescent fails to meet these requirements, the youth will become overly concerned with his/her body image or level of competence, which will likely lower his/her self-esteem and may even cause depression. Thus, it is imperative for an adolescent to find the "right" sport in order to reap from its benefits. If a youth does in fact find his/her sport, the social/psychological development process becomes much easier.

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When playing a sport, your body loses a lot of fluid, which can cause dehydration.
Again, I think athletics benefits everyone. Sports helps us all become both physically and socially/psychologically healthier. Sitting here thinking about the recent tragedy that occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado, I wonder if this type of violence could have been avoided if there had been a greater emphasis on sports as a vehicle of inclusion and group participation. I truly believe that for each and every youth, there is some sport that can match the adolescent's interest. The multiple benefits of sports on all adolescents is invaluable. Sports acts as a bridge to help unite people of different backgrounds, colors, and races. As for me, I know that sports has made my life all the better.


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Many ethnic adolescents feel that "American" or mainstream culture generally means "White" and thus does not include them. The idea that "American" is associated with others rather than the self is reinforced by the correlation that was found between other group attitudes and American identity. The less positive the attitudes that these adolescents held toward other members of other groups, the less strongly they thought of themselves as American. Conversely, positive attitudes toward other groups were associated with feeling more American (Phinney, 1997). Moreover, adolescents who are less acculturated may have poorer language skills, greater difficulty in communicating outside their own group and fewer friendships with other group members. Acculturation may thus be an important variable even for American-born youths (Phinney, 1997).

We are a community organization of over one thousand, four hundred families devoted to providing team sports for our children.
minority adolescents, there is empirical evidence that ethnicity is an important domain for ethnic minority youth (Martinez & Dukes, 1997). Therefore, for minority youths, ethnic identity is a significant predictor of self-esteem.

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Youth sports also provide leadership opportunities for parents by becoming a coach. Players are able to channel their energy into a healthy activity of exercise and fitness, which will benefit the player throughout their life.

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All registration fees pay for the operation of the league. They cover game jersey, liability/medical/property insurance, Saturday facility and field rentals, site directors/officials and other administrative expenses. The NYS league is sponsored by a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and receives no government funding or subsidization. Also there is no additional fundraising required such as selling candy bars, etc.

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"When you play a team sport you learn that it doesn't just come down to the best player," says Ross Morrison, a sports expert with the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

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As the research indicates, the physical benefits from an active lifestyle for adolescents of all ethnicities is invaluable. Even more encouraging is the fact that exercise and sports carry little risk. Although sports injuries are prevalent among adolescents, exercise is generally very safe and necessary for good health (Harris, 1999). Moreover, in addition to physical development, athletics is central to the development of social and psychological competence as well. The development of social roles and appropriate social behaviors occurs during adolescence, with sports serving as a strong regulator in the development process.