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  • In the fifth race is a horse called, "Double Nickels".
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The unnatural stresses caused by making horses compete so aggressively
and at such young ages causes, or makes worse, serious health problems.
These include stomach ulcers, heart murmurs, and bleeding in the lungs.
These are not found in horses worked at reasonable levels. These health
and injury problems result in the need for drugs to maintain the horse’s
racing value. It does not, however, help the horses health. Only
stopping what causes the problems in the first place could do that.


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- Patrick McCarten

A jockey went into the paddock and the trainer said to him 'You need to win this race because my wife has had a pony on and I have had a monkey on the horse'.

A study in the Equine Veterinary Journal found
hemorrhaging in the lungs in 95% of horses checked during two post-race
examinations. There is no effective treatment. Another study in the
Equine Veterinary Journal found that as long as a horse continues to
undergo training and racing, the lungs do not have a chance to heal.

Is horse racing bad for the animals

The race begins and Lester is 30 lengths last after half a furlong, he gives the horse an almighty backhander on the behind, nothing, he then gives him a series of sharp slaps down the shoulder, nothing, he then gives him two wallops right on the bollocks, the horse comes to a sudden stop, turns round to Lester and says "for christ sake will you turn it in with that whip I have to be up at half four in the morning to deliver the milk"!

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The trainer tells Lester that this is the worst horse he has in training, it has had 23 races and finished last in all of them, if it doesn't win today the milkman will be using it for deliveries in the morning.

Horse Racing Is Bad For Horses Health.

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While checking in the lady behind the desk asks 'We have two suites available for you, would you like the bridal?' 'No thanks says the jockey I'll just hold her ears till she gets the hang of it!' - Stephen Howard

Lester Piggot is in the parade ring discussing race tactics with the horse's trainer.

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Retired horses face
horrific fates after enduring months of this. Young race horses meet the
same ends simply because they do not possess all the characteristics of
a champion horse.