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The Hollow Men begins with two epigraphs

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In the midst of all the difficulties which Iencountered in getting the little school started, andsince then through a period of nineteen years, thereare two men among all the many friends of theschool in Tuskegee upon whom I have dependedconstantly for advice and guidance; and the successof the undertaking is largely due to these men,from whom I have never sought anything in vain.I mention them simply as types. One is a white manand an ex-slaveholder, Mr. George W. Campbell;the other is a black man and an ex-slave, Mr. LewisAdams. These were the men who wrote to GeneralArmstrong for a teacher.

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willing to extend all the aid in his power. I do notknow two men, one an ex-slaveholder, one anex-slave, whose advice and judgment I would feelmore like following in everything which concernsthe life and development of the school at Tuskegeethan those of these two men.


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In giving all these descriptions of what I sawduring my month of travel in the country aroundTuskegee, I wish my readers to keep in mind thefact that there were many encouraging exceptionsto the conditions which I have described. I havestated in such plain words what I saw, mainly forthe reason that later I want to emphasize theencouraging changes that have taken place in thecommunity, not wholly by the work of the Tuskegee school,but by that of other institutions as well.

At the present time one of the most satisfactoryfeatures of the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasonsat Tuskegee is the unselfish and beautiful way inwhich our graduates and students spend their timein administering to the comfort and happiness ofothers, especially the unfortunate. Not long agosome of our young men spent a holiday in rebuildinga cabin for a helpless coloured woman who isabout seventy-five years old. At another time Iremember that I made it known in chapel, one night,that a very poor student was suffering from cold,because he needed a coat. The next morning two coatswere sent to my office for him.

Eliot - The Hollow Men Mistah Kurtz -- he dead

My first task was to find a place in which to openthe school. After looking the town over with somecare, the most suitable place that could be securedseemed to be a rather dilapidated shanty near thecoloured Methodist church, together with the churchitself as a sort of assembly-room. Both the churchand the shanty were in about as bad condition aswas possible. I recall that during the first monthsof school that I taught in this building it was insuch poor repair that, whenever it rained, one of theolder students would very kindly leave his lessonsand hold an umbrella over me while I heard therecitations of the others. I remember, also, thaton more than one occasion my landlady held anumbrella over me while I ate breakfast.

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guitar. In his desire to take guitar lessons heapplied to one of his young masters to teach him, but the young man, not having much faith in theability of the slave to master the guitar at his age,sought to discourage him by telling him: "UncleJake, I will give you guitar lessons; but, Jake, Iwill have to charge you three dollars for the firstlesson, two dollars for the second lesson, and onedollar for the third lesson. But I will charge youonly twenty-five cents for the last lesson."

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Like the "patrollers" the "Ku Klux" operatedalmost wholly at night. They were, however, morecruel than the "patrollers." Their objects, in themain, were to crush out the political aspirations ofthe Negroes, but they did not confine themselvesto this, because schoolhouses as well as churcheswere burned by them, and many innocent personswere made to suffer. During this period not afew coloured people lost their lives.

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money with which to pay for the farm went on withoutceasing. At the end of three months enoughwas secured to repay the loan of two hundred andfifty dollars to General Marshall, and within twomonths more we had secured the entire five hundreddollars and had received a deed of the one hundredacres of land. This gave us a great deal ofsatisfaction. It was not only a source of satisfactionto secure a permanent location for the school, butit was equally satisfactory to know that the greaterpart of the money with which it was paid for hadbeen gotten from the white and coloured people inthe town of Tuskegee. The most of this moneywas obtained by holding festivals and concerts, andfrom small individual donations.