Taliesin is still active as a school of architecture.
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A tour of Taliesin West includes a description of the idea and circumstances of its construction.

View of the drafting room at Taliesin West from the Northwest.

Taliesin Diary: A Year with Frank Lloyd Wright [Priscilla J

Taliesin Wet is set on the western slopes of the McDowell Mountains n Scottsdale, Arizona.
In 1932, he and his wife, Olgivanna, began the Taliesin Fellowship where 30 apprentices came to live and learn from the most influential and imaginative architect of the Twentieth Century.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home Taliesin West - History

Taliesin West was the winter home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship.
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Taliesin West :: Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona 1929-1959

Description: View of the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Office and Drafting Room from the Northwest.
This course explores the challenging world of medieval art. Beginning with the fourth-century fusion of Imperial and Christian images and ending with the advent of print, we trace how images and art-making took on new roles—and re-invented old ones—over the course of the Middle Ages. We consider architecture, sculpture, wall-painting, manuscript painting, stained glass, metalwork, and textiles in their historical contexts, questioning why medieval objects look the way they do and how they were seen and used by medieval viewers. Readings include medieval sources (in translation) and exemplary modern scholarship.

View of Taliesin West from the drive leading to the complex on the mesa below McDowell Range.
The minor in architectural studies combines course work in Art History, which equips students to analyze the form and changing history of the built environment in diverse cultures, places, and times, with up to three courses on architectural or urban topics offered in any department. Thus the minor enables students to enrich art historical analysis with methods from other disciplines. A student might choose to minor in architectural studies because the student is interested in the built environment—the inescapable setting of our lives—from a liberal arts perspective or because the student is considering applying to architecture school. The minor could represent an interest distinct from the student's major or it could complement a major in the social sciences or humanities by exploring the material setting of history and social life or the context for works of literature, film, music, or drama. It could equally complement a major in the sciences, such as medical fields, ecology, geology, physics, or mathematics.

AZ and design and construction of Taliesin West begins;

Escorted by a trained guide, your tour of Taliesin West will take you across courtyards and terraces, down garden paths, past a citrus grove and alongside the large drafting studio used by architects and apprentices of the Fellowship..." Informational brochure and Tour Information.

Taliesin Overlook - McDowell Sonoran Conservancy

Taliesin was designed to fit into the surroundings and be part of the desert and Mesa, which it does so admirably." Printed on sleeve: "A1 - Approaching Taliesin West on the mesa below McDowell Range.

Frank Lloyd Wright - United States American History

Caption: "View of the draughting room at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home in the Arizona desert." Printed on sleeve: "A2 -"Taliesin West.

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This is a study of the entrance to the theater as residents and guests see it when attending motion pictures and recitals on Saturday and Sunday evening." Printed on sleeve: "A3 -"Taliesin West, night view of entrance to theatre."


gave a tour of the grounds of ’s Taliesin West home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and talked about why the home is believed to be the most personal of the architect’s creations.