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T he Chinese American Biopharmaceutical Society (CABS) is a non-profit organization for professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry. CABS is headquartered in …

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Widely shared middle-class prosperity is a signature of American society
Increasingly today the gap between “short-term” and “long-term” thinking is narrowing, on issues like public health, human capital management, environmental protection, and more, and companies pursuing business practices that make short-term sense may be undermining their own long-term viability. In the case of Apple, we believe the long-term health of its youngest customers and the health of society, our economy, and the Company itself, are inextricably linked, and thus the only difference between the changes we are advocating at Apple now and the type of change shareholders are better known for advocating is the time period over which they will enhance and protect value. As you can imagine, this is a matter of particular concern for CalSTRS’ beneficiaries, the teachers of California, who care deeply about the health and welfare of the children in their classrooms.

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Founded in 1954, the American Astronautical Society has long been recognized for the excellence of its national meetings, technical meetings, symposia and publications and for their impact on shaping the U.S. space program.
Professional Member of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants, #1077,Certified Engineering Technician, #28567, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Certified Golf Course Irrigation Designer, #1565, Certified Golf Course Irrigation Auditor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Sense Partner, EPA Certified WaterSense Green Home inspector, LEED Accredited Professional, Professional Member of Association of Professional Landscape Designers, and Project. management Certification from Amberton University, May 2013.


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The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) is a dynamic home for medical students who are interested in nutrition and related medical disciplines.
I am currently involved in the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster as a member of the Board of Directors; American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers US Technical Advisory Group as a technical expert for International Standards; and with a team of engineers developing a tool to evaluate water improvements at a site to community levels to achieve the goal of water use neutrality (net zero water).

BAER DESIGN GROUP is an irrigation consulting, landscape architecture and graphics design firm with over 40 years combined experience. We are passionate about our environment and improving our resources whenever possible. Our mission is to provide our client with an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, effective, efficient and low maintenance product. As irrigation consultants we are actively involved with multiple Golf Course Superintendent Associations. We utilize state of the art programs and equipment to provide the highest quality, detailed and accurate product to our clients.

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Aqua Engineering is staffed by agricultural and civil engineers and Irrigation Association accredited designers with backgrounds in irrigation and water resources. With 39 years in the industry, Aqua Engineering has earned a reputation for applying a standard of high quality to all its work and is at the forefront in irrigation engineering and water management. We have offices in Fort Collins, CO and Phoenix, AZ. We have completed projects in 45 different states and countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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It is true that Apple’s customer satisfaction levels remain incredibly high, which is no surprise given the quality of its products. However, there is also a growing societal unease about whether at least some people are getting too much of a good thing when it comes to technology,xiii which at some point is likely to impact even Apple given the issues described above. In fact, even the original designers of the iPhone user interface and Apple’s current chief design officer have publicly worried about the iPhone’s potential for overuse,xiv and there is no good reason why you should not address this issue proactively. As one of the most innovative companies in the history of technology, Apple can play a defining role in signaling to the industry that paying special attention to the health and development of the next generation is both good business and the right thing to do. Doing so poses no threat to Apple, given that this is a software (not hardware) issue and that, unlike many other technology companies, Apple’s business model is not predicated on excessive use of your products. In fact, we believe addressing this issue now by offering parents more tools and choices could enhance Apple’s business and increase demand for its products.

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Aqua Engineering is a long time member of the Irrigation Association, American Council of Engineering Companies and American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.