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“Thanks for sending me the [insert gift]. It’s awesome. You totally rock. Thanks again.”

vriska, if you read this, thanks again for all your help.

My god he is frisky with those things. 03/10/12 Hey put that down.

“They say it's better to give than to receive. So you can thank me later. :)”
Thank you for your generous and heartfelt gift of the fake dog poop [or other novelty item]. Your gift of fake dog poop is a natural reflection of the good taste and manners one would expect of an attendant at the auspicious occasion we all enjoyed at Bob’s Barbeque [my studio apartment, backyard, kitchenette]. You are a tremendous individual and a credit to humanity. Thank you ever so much, and be on the look out for a re-gift one of these days. Aside from that, thanks for coming, dude - I appreciate it.

They are all very fortunate that his head doesn't seem to have any.

“I am another year older, wiser, and more grateful. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.”

“Guess what I am wearing right now! You really know my taste in clothes. The black blouse you got for my 40th is very me. It's so comfortable and versatile, and I can wear it anywhere. Thank you for your thoughtful gift.


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You thanked her for the kind offer and tactfully brought up an alternative.
A thank you note for a birthday gift can be a great way to reconnect with someone you love but haven’t had much contact with. Your friend has put in the effort by going to your birthday party and bringing a gift, and will love the fact that you acknowledge the friendship with a personal note.

In that sense, they are not unlike cells in a universal immune system.  03/08/13  |DIALOGLOG|
It would never occur to you otherwise to be so grabby with pumpkins, but they just happen to be the most easily appearifiable vegetable on the planet for reasons that make no sense.

Hey thanks with the information,im really glad i found this ..

You've been dying to get the scoop on those last two mysterious characters.


Hey, get that damn cat outta the way!


Thank you, cat who is probably Jaspers.

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I just wanted to thank you again for the impromptu birthday celebration at your beautiful home. The festive dining table, and fantastic dinner and presents - including some things for the person who thinks he has everything! Who knew?!

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Just wanted to thank you again for dinner the other night. It was so thoughtful of you to turn our night out into a birthday celebration for me. You shouldn't have... but I'm certainly glad you did! What a nice surprise.

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it's like a version of them that died before they ever even knew us, and it's just kind of awkward.



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“Lucille Ball once said, ‘The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.’ Now if I could only eat more slowly. But seriously, thank you for the gift and keeping my secrets.”