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Because your spirit is now old and withered up, and has lost its power in consequence of your infirmities and doubts.

Hermes is holding the infant Dionysus ..

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as he was able to steal all of his brother Apollo's cattle when he was still an infant
And whosoever shall hear this commandment, and depart from that great wickedness falsehood, shall live to God." ON PUTTING ONE'S WIFE AWAY FOR ADULTERY. CHAPTER I. "I charge you," said he, "to guard your chastity, and let no thought enter your heart of another man's wife, or of fornication, or of similar iniquities; for by doing this you commit a great sin.

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Hermes is represented in the act of carrying the child Dionysus to the nymphs who were charged ..
And she says to me, "Can you carry a report of these things to the elect of God?" I say to her, "Lady, so much I cannot retain in my memory, but give me the book and I shall transcribe it." "Take it," says she, "and you will give it back to me." Thereupon I took it, and going away into a certain part of the country, I transcribed the whole of it letter by letter; but the syllables of it I did not catch.


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When, therefore Plato puts into his [Socrates’s] mouth suchparalogisms, such quibbles on words, and sophisms as a schoolboy wouldbe ashamed of, we conclude they were the whimsies of Plato’s own foggybrain and acquit Socrates of puerilities so unlike hischaracter.—Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Short

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But the Shepherd commanded them to lift the stones that were rejected from the building, and to carry them away to the mountains from which they had been brought.


seen the shepherds; and he said to me, "What do you wish with me?" I said to him, "Sir, that you would order the shepherd who punishes to depart out of my house, because he afflicts me exceedingly." "It is necessary," he replied, "that you be afflicted; for thus," he continued, "did the glorious angel command concerning you, as he wishes you to be tried." "What have I done which is so bad, sir," I replied, "that I should be delivered over to this angel?" "Listen," he said: "Your sins are many, but not so great as to require that you be delivered over to this angel; but your household has committed great iniquities and sins, and the glorious angel has been incensed at them on account of their deeds; and for this reason he commanded you to be afflicted for a certain time, that they also might repent, and purify themselves from every desire of this world.

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This shepherd, accordingly, was receiving the sheep from the young shepherd, those, viz., that were rioting and luxuriating, but not leaping; and he cast them into a precipitous place, full of this ties and thorns, so that it was impossible to extricate the sheep from the thorns and thistles; but they were completely entangled amongst them.

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If you defile your flesh, you will also defile the Holy Spirit; and if you defile your flesh [and spirit], you will not live." "And if any one, sir," I said, "has been hitherto ignorant, before he heard these words, how can such man be saved who has defiled his flesh?" "Respecting former sins of ignorance," he said, "God alone is able to heal them, for to Him belongs all power.

The Olympians contain information on the Olympian gods and goddesses.

The field is this world; and the Lord of the field is He who created, and perfected, and strengthened all things; [and the son is the Holy Spirit; ] and the slave is the Son of God; and the vines are this people, whom He Himself planted; and the stakes are the holy angels of the Lord, who keep His people together; and the weeds that were plucked out of the vineyard are the iniquities of God's servants; and the dishes which He sent Him from His able are the commandments which He gave His people through His Son; and the friends and fellow-councillors are the holy angels who were first created; and the Master's absence from home is the time that remains until His appearing." I said to him, "Sir, all these are great, and marvellous, and glorious things.