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If the question is about technique, talk about how it affects the others-one per paragraph.
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— Drama/England; — Revenge, Fighting, Grieving; — Respect; Caring.

Mel Gibson's portrayal of Hamlet is strong and full of life.
on the entrance of the deeper traitor for whom Cawdor had made way! And here in contrast with Duncan's 'plenteous joys,' Macbeth has nothing but the common-places of loyalty, in which he hides himself with 'our duties.' Note the exceeding effort of Macbeth's addresses to the king, his reasoning on his allegiance, and then especially when a new difficulty, the designation of a successor, suggests a new crime. This, however, seems the first distinct notion, as to the plan of realizing his wishes; and here, therefore, with great propriety, Macbeth's cowardice of his own conscience discloses itself. I always think there is something especially Shakspearian in Duncan's speeches throughout this scene, such pourings forth, such abandonments, compared with the language of vulgar dramatists, whose characters seem to have made their speeches as the actors learn them.


The action of the play is easy to follow and moves quickly.

The costumes, artistic design, and scenery are rich and beautiful.
Did Hamlet, who stabbed the man behind the curtain intending to avenge his father's murder, anticipate that his action would eventually lead to his own death and that of Ophelia?

For an introductory handout, setting the stage for watching the play, .
The deed is done; but Macbeth receives no comfort, no additional security. He has by guilt torn himself live-asunder from nature, and is, therefore, himself in a preter-natural state: no wonder, then, that he is inclined to superstition, and faith in the unknown of signs and tokens, and super-human agencies.

There is sexual tension between Hamlet and Gertrude, his mother.

the problems caused by tit-for-tat revenge in honor cultures, see .) The government, through courts and administrative agencies, tempered by the due process of law, has a monopoly on punishment.

He lies on top of her and humps to mock them.

Ever and ever mistaking the anguish of conscience for fears of selfishness, and thus as a punishment of that selfishness, plunging still deeper in guilt and ruin.

There is some minor violence between them.

Act iii. sc. 1. Compare Macbeth's mode of working on the murderers in this place with Schiller's mistaken scene between Butler, Devereux, and Macdonald in Wallenstein. (Part II. act iv. sc. 2.) The comic was wholly out of season. Shakspeare never introduces it, but when it may react on the tragedy by harmonious contrast.

There is some carousing but it is not a major part of the movie.

However, this tragedy departs from the classic plot structure of a tragedy in which the protagonist has made a mistake or done something that leads inevitably to his destruction (the main action).

After the movie, ask and help your child to answer the .

Ib. sc. 3. This low soliloquy of the Porter and his few speeches afterwards, I believe to have been written for the mob by some other hand, perhaps with Shakspeare's consent; and that finding it take, he with the remaining ink of a pen otherwise employed, just interpolated the words—