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Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem [Jay W

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The Greed Machine appears after every fight in or . Upon touching the Greed Machine, Isaac will donate a coin, causing the displayed coin total to increment. This mechanic is unique in that the amount of coins donated will persist between all Greed Mode runs. Donating money to the Greed Machine unlocks achievements and items.

Greed is the excess fondness of money and fortune

10:3 - "the greedy man curses and spurns God" ..
The struggle to avoid the temptation of greed and stand on principle can be won if you take the following steps:

First, you must unequivocally nail down your ethical principles for dealing with money.


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10/01/2018 · The exciting, turbo-charged Dirty Money trailer offers up a look at Netflix's latest documentary series, which will focus on corporate greed and corruption.
A. Greed is inordinate desire to acquire and possess
1. lust and envy - James 4:2
2. covetousness - Exod. 20:17; Rom. 7:7,8; I Cor. 5:11
3. selfish immoderation of desires - "Me-ism"
4. patterning of the "flesh"
B. Greed is sin - contrary to character of God
1. Listed in the Bible with the gravest of sins - Mark 7:22; Rom. 1:29; I Cor. 6:10; Eph. 5:3
2. Roman Catholicism identified as one of seven "deadly sins"
C. Greed involves the "personal aspiration" of the "lust of the eyes" (I Jn. 2:16)
D. Greed is related to materialism
1. living for possessions - Lk. 12:15
2. get rich quick - I Tim. 6:9
3. love of money - I Tim. 6:10
4. Rockefeller - "How much is enough? More than I presently have."
E. Greed is idolatry - Eph. 5:5; Col. 3:5

There may be greed if you:

...keep "wish lists" of desired objects to purchase.
...can't say "no" when offered money to do a job.
...are always seeking ways to make more money.
...feel resentment when someone acquires what you would like to have
...have fallen for several "get rich quick" schemes. ...joined a multi-level marketing?
...are disturbed after losing a relatively small amount of money.
...become perturbed when you purchase an item and find it cheaper elsewhere.
...feel good and find relief in going shopping.
...would rather have a high paying job than one which is interesting and rewarding
...despise paying taxes and have sympathy for those who find ways to avoid such.
...feel uneasy around people who are wealthier than you.
...make disparaging remarks about people who are rich.
...engage in the "one-up-man-ship" of topping another's accounts of acquisitions.
...go to an "all you can eat" buffet and feel obliged to eat as much as possible to get
your money's worth.
...give something wanting to be properly credited or reciprocated.
...drive through neighborhoods with exclusive homes yearning to live in such.
...ponder how much it is going to cost when a family member gets sick.
...feel imposed upon when one of your children asks for money to buy something.
...insist on controlling the family finances and the checkbook.
...argue with your mate about how much they are spending on personal items.
...brag about the "bargains" you got, how "thrifty" you are, or how little you paid for
...boast of how clever you were in getting the best of another in a business deal.

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Then follow-up with, "Would you break the rules if it benefited you financially?" And the answer might be, "How much money are we talking about?" Few people identify themselves as "greedy" but when it comes to money versus principles, we like to run the numbers first.

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Ps. 10:3 - "the greedy man curses and spurns God"
Prov. 11:6 - "the treacherous are caught by their own greed"
Jere. 6:13; 8:10 - "everyone is greedy for gain"
Lk. 12:15 - "be on guard against every form of greed; life is not in possessions"
Eph. 4:9 - "Gentiles...practice every kind of impurity with greediness"
I Thess. 2:5 - "we did not come with pretext for greed"
I Tim. 3:8 - (deacons) "not fond of sordid gain" (cf. Titus 1:7)
II Peter 2:3 - (false prophets) "in their greed they will exploit you with false words"
II Peter 2:14 - (false prophets) "have hearts trained in greed"

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A lobbying organization called Fix the Debt is trading on what remains of Wall Street’s credibility, and that of other greed-driven corporate leaders, in its campaign to cut badly needed social programs like these. Astonishingly—or not, especially if you look at their ownership structures—American news outlets accord these CEOs an extraordinary and unearned measure of respectability and authority. Very few articles about Fix the Debt mention the massive fraud settlements and fines levied against these CEOs’ institutions.

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Jesus would go to New York City and turn over the moneychangers' tables on Wall Street asking: "What are you doing corrupting God's kingdom with your selfishness?