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The Great Pyramid of Giza is only 3 minutes of a degree off true north.

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Close-up of the Great Pyramid (c) Joshua Doubek CC BY-SA 3.0

Pyramidolgy by Adam Rutherford - 4 Volumes (Unfortunately this monumental work is out of print)
The Great Pyramid was put in place as a geodetic marker that served many purposes. It not only pointed to the geometry of the planet but to its geology, wind and ocean circulation patterns.
We must also consider this fact: In addition, Mars also has a similar 30-degree Hadley Cell organization.

7. small wooden boats encircle the pyramid of Senwosret III;

But those facts are only part of the importance of the positioning of the Great Pyramid.
One recent, rather less sensational theory as to how the Great Pyramid was built involves the construction of both a long, straight, external ramp for the bottom third of the pyramid, then an interior spiral ramp for the remainder upon which the heavy stones could have been pushed or pulled. The ramp would have then been left in place when the pyramid was completed. This is french architect Jean-Pierre Houdin’s theory, for which there are two pieces of evidence that lend it quite a bit of weight.


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A New Theory for the Great Pyramid- How Science is Changing Our View of the Past:
its great that u can all share this information but i have been looking into conspiracie mansonry and egyptian mayan and about all the other cultures that have been building these pyramids over the centuries or whenever they were built i believe during the transition of virgo and leo 12 000 years ago besides the point though what are we going to do about this is the more important questions the point of the pyramid was to show that man has always been as broken as he has been constructed in other words weve always been the few who are extremely intelligent and left these marks behind and well we knew the sheople or the masses are extremely stupid the story of today is not finding the answer that smallpercent will always find it but how will u use it to stop what the ignorant masses are doing killing ourselves but first before you can stop theym from doing what you are afraid of you must loose all fear and rise litteraly to the occasion we will see some interesting things this is arms hopefully we will all see eachother soon for the few brilliant ones out there

Read the lost book of ENKI. It is told, that the great Anunnaki, an extraterrestrial species from planet Nibiru created the homo sapiens as a primitive worker to get gold (for saving their own planet, whose atmosphere was corrupted). The great pyramids where built as orientation guides for the interplanetarian travelling from Earth to Nibiru and Mars. It is told, that the pyramid contained christals from Nibiru. The energies from the christals were bundled by the cap stone and it shined. The whole structure of the pyramid was mean to be a lighthouse for the Anunnaki.
There is also told, that one of the “Gods”, Marduk, was banned and exiled in the Pyramid. The political situation made it necessairy to free him, but they only made it by cutting the stone and make a shaft to get him out…

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Go back to MAY of 1775, and look @ two dollar bill. “Tribulatio Ditat” is the Motto, with a hand and FLAIL. Now look @ the shadow of the pyramid and say hello flail. for better results hold up the back of the dollar bill in front of light. I was drawn to the flail in Nov. Its worth a look!! Very important symbol in Egypt along with a staff.

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I think the big pyramid a huge HHO generator. The missing capstone is an arriving flying craft be it local or from elsewhere. The way the inner chambers rooms and shafts are configured the coffin where if filled with manganeses turnings or some other catalyst that reacts with water, Rubber seals and sheer weight of the craft once it settles down on the top with Hydrogen and oxy fuel intake ports aligned with those mysterious shafts, The residue on the walls along with the crack in the Kings chamber that shouts that at some point they took a flashback kick The reported smell all says Water splitter to me. Its a Refueling refinery depot.

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Those two numbers can be found all over the world, they are not only Christian and Jewish numbers… Religions and cultures from every corner of the world, and throughout time, have those two numbers interwoven within their own histories. I believe they were once used as a teaching tool to explain our world and its seemingly mystical connection to our Sun. These numbers tell the same story that I believe was corrupted long ago, however in order to understand the real story you must follow the math… and then read the stories that each culture has interwoven with their history regarding these numbers. I believe you will find similarities exist everywhere around the world, and when you do I believe you too will find the one truth that connects every corner of our world…. perhaps that may be the real word God wants the world to relearn. Below are those numbers broken down into a mathematical equation. Open your mind and decide for yourself.

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The capstone on the Giza pyramid was the Earth’s own crystal messages, that the Ancients had used in a giant crystal upon the Giza Pyramid. When they had burnt out the Sirius healed wavelength that is the greater wave above all things in the space cell, they gained the old wavelength that had already used up the energy cell within its encoding.